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Gorgeous eyes and complimentary lips make a great holiday gift from Jane Iredale

Updated on December 21, 2015

Holiday beauty gifts from Jane Iredale

In the Blink of a Smoky Eye kit

This holiday season -- for yourself or your favorite, elegant beauty maven -- consider the Jane Iredale In the Blink of a Smoky Eye kit. Packaged in a chic, glossy paper box, you realize that you're paying for the steak, not plastic sizzle.

There are three groups of three colors each, with the base color in a larger proportion. That's smart! Everyone knows that the base color gets used up first, covering the whole lid, rather than the accent colors.

There's a variety of bright and neutral tones, including a deep, velvety black. This kit should work for all skin tones and is age appropriate for all women. The colors allow you to create a more modern smoky eye -- not Goth, not disco, not dirty looking.

There's mirrored paper and a double-ended sponge/brush included, making the kit great for traveling.

For a cute, bright finishing touch with the kit, try one of the Just Kissed Lip and Cheek stains! Forever Red would be especially holiday appropriate. It's the type of red that would work for most people, as it's sheer and light-bright, like a cherry, rather than deep. You can layer this balm-like product for more intensity.

Really, this is a more forgiving red lip product than heavy, creamy lip colors that require a lip liner, concealer rim and powder dusting to stay put. Even then, such a made-up look can appear a little Elvira-ish: not cute. Instead, go for a stain that looks like you drank some cherry pop. Fresh!

Jane Iredale: the sophisticated mineral makeup brand

Mineral makeup has been popular since those terracotta shaded all-in-one powders in the 1970's. They range the gamut in quality and style. But in a sea of minerals -- if you can imagine such a thing! -- Jane Iredale stands out as coolly elegant. I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

You'll find Jane Iredale sold in pristine display cases at some of the country's most exclusive salons and in famous plastic surgeons' offices. The line was created for entertainers in Hollywood who had to deal with the ill effects of on-camera makeup.

The products are made using natural preservatives, anti-irritant ingredients and natural sunscreen. The whole Jane Iredale brand is cruelty-free.


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