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Grandma Approved Floral Maxi Dresses

Updated on July 25, 2010

Maxi dresses are still so incredibly in right now. That's mostly because everyone from a size 0 model to Hank from accounting looks good in a Maxi dress, and if there is anything women like to do, it is look good. Gee whiz, yep, we love to be perceived as attractive. It makes life so much easier. So if you're looking for some fabric to cover your body in such a way that it is not indecent and allows you to dance around your local park giving impromptu palm readings to strangers and also giving birth to live young, then a Maxi dress is your dream dress.

If things keep going the way they're going, its very likely that the Maxi dress will end up being the new official dress of the Western world. The flowing lines are incredibly flattering to almost any figure, and they're demure enough that although you look fashionable, other women won't instantly hate you on sight and start planning your downfall (as can happen if you wear a mini-dress.)

According to some fashion magazines, maxi dresses are suitable for wearing at the beach, at weddings and at dinner. This means, by omission, that maxi dresses are not suitable for the workplace, black ops (the kind where you infiltrate Russia, only to be caught and swapped for a tennis player,) or running the Iditarod.

It's a common cliché that women dress for other women, and it is somewhat true. However women also dress for themselves, and for their men and also, apparently their children. Just the other day, my grandma was saying that women wearing pants has resulted in nervous children, because small children used to be able to clutch at their mother's skirts and hide in the folds and feel secure, but now that women wear pants, children no longer have anything to cling to.

So there you go. Wearing a maxi dress won't just make you a fashionable lady, it will make you a better mother with more well adjusted children. Alternatively, you could sew swathes of fabric to your favorite pants, thus giving small children a place to hide whilst you continue to enjoy all the practicality and stylishness of bifurcated garments.

You might disagree with grandma's assessment of the importance of flowing dresses for mothers, but you would be foolish to do so, for not only has grandma raised a set of children into adulthood, she also has candy. A lot of candy.


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    • profile image

      chevy34_00 7 years ago

      Very nice dresses and I'm glad that they are back in style.