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Grape Seed Oil For Your Skin

Updated on February 3, 2016
Grape Seed Oil
Grape Seed Oil

Grape Seed Oil fоr Your Skin

Have you tried Grape Seed oil for your skin? People are going back to the basics where their skin and their health is concerned. We hear more about vegetarians, raw or Paleo diets, and making your own skin creams and moisturizers. One of those natural skin products is Grape Seed oil. It has always been recognized as an oil you could cook or bake with, but lately the research shows it has some great benefits for your skin too.

If you are asking if "Grape Seed oil good for the skin"?, then just read on and find out where Grapeseed oil comes from, how it is made. Grape Seed oil comes from the seeds of the Vitis Vinifera grape. It is a by-product of winemaking. These grape seeds are pressed under Grape Seed oil іѕ made whеn thе seeds оf vitis vinifera grape аrе pressed under extreme heat conditions. The oil of these grape seeds is a very pale green. The oil is light in texture and has almost no odor. These are the qualities that make this oil excellent for the skin.

Grape Seed Oil Moisturizes

Grape Seed oil is one of those oils that is absorbed quickly and easily into the skin. When you put it on your face or body, you don't see any oil residue left behind. This oil helps with the process of tissue regeneration. It locks moisture into the skin and aids in the healing process to restore and repair your tissues. Grape Seed Oil is extremely useful as a skin moisturizer. You are going to be amazed at how effective this oil is.

Grape Seed Oil comes from grapes
Grape Seed Oil comes from grapes

Grape Seed Oil Tones And Tightens

Grape Seed oil has astringent properties. If you apply it regularly to your skin it will help to tighten and tone your skin. If your skin is oily, you will benefit the most using this oil. Most people with oily skin don't like to put oils on their face, but Grape Seed oil is light and quickly absorbed. It can help regulate your skin's production of sebum and restore the balance to your skin. It is full of antioxidants and vitamin C. These ingredients will help fight aging and restore a glow to your skin.

Grape Seed Oil Prevents Under-Eye Circles

Do you have dark circles under your eyes? Try this beauty tip for two to three weeks and see if they don't get lighter. Apply the Grape Seed oil to the skin around your eyes each night before you go to bed. Continue to do this each and every night. Grape Seed oil is chemical free, that makes it an excellent choice for using it on sensitive areas like under the eyes, Apply the oil with your fingers but make sure you do it gently.

Grape Seed Oil Cures Acne

Grape Seed oil is rich in linoleic acid. That is an essential fatty acid that helps to maintain the cell membranes and your skin. Applying this oil regularly can help treat many skin problems including acne. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties and it also has antioxidants, both of which can help to restore and heal your skin. By putting Grape Seed oil on your skin on a regular basis you will prevent your pores from clogging and that can reduce the occurences of acne breakouts.

Grape Seed Oil minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Grape Seed Oil minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Grape Seed Oil Minimizes The Appearance Of Wrinkles

Proanthocyanidins is an antioxidant found in Grape Seed oil, in fact, the oil is rich with it. Anyone who is concerned about wrinkles and aging skin knows what antioxidants are and how they help to reverse the damaged skin caused by aging. Grape Seed oil also has skin nourishing and moisturizing properties. If you apply it to dry skin it will help to keep your skin hydrated. Hydrated skin is happy skin. If your skin is hydrated it is less likely that those wrinkles and fine lines will appear. If your skin is dry, they will appear.

What Else Does Grape Seed Oil Do?

Grape Seed oil is full of fatty acids such as:

  • palmitoleic
  • stearic
  • alpha linolenic
  • docosanoic
  • icosenoic
  • icosanoic

Now those are words we don't say every day, but they are the reason we use Grape Seed oil. These fatty acids are what protects our skin, they help wounds to heal, they can shrink varicose veins, they can help to prevent or reduce stretch marks.

The advantages of using Grape Seed oil as a skin care product are many. Scientific studies have shown us that Grape Seed oil is richer in it's antioxidant properties than even vitamin C or vitamin E. Those two vitamins are famous for their antioxidant content, but this simple oil has them both beat. The astringent and antiseptic properties are also great for your skin. Grape Seed oil is natural, no chemicals, so you can massage Grape Seed oil into your skin everyday, sleep with it on your face and eye area at night, and take advantage of the benefits it has to offer.

Anyone who is allergic to grapes should not use Grape Seed Oil.

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Benefits Of Grape Seed Oil

The Benefits of Grape Seed Oil


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