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Greatest Hairstyles of All Time For Men

Updated on June 9, 2013

From Robert Pattinson's 'Bed Head Hair' to Bradley Cooper's 'short haircut', to Leonardo DiCaprio's 'side part', men have always enjoyed experimenting with their hairstyles.

Check out the best hairstyles of all time for men and decide which one is your favorite.

1. Side Part

The once dismissed as the most unimaginative thing any man could do with his hair, the male side parting is now swaggeringly fashionable. Celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Radcliffe are regularly seen sporting a side part.

2. Blended Short Haircut

Short haircut is one of the evergreen haircuts for men, primarily because it doesn't need too much maintenance and it can be easily groomed into any style.

3. Bed Head Hair

This is one of the hottest men's hairstyle of our times, thanks to Rob Pattinson. In fact, a recent national survey by Great Clips Inc mentions the “bed head” to be the best men’s hairstyle of all time.

4. Hockey Hair

Some may argue that the 90s classic Hockey hair is perilously close to a mullet, but it still continues to be a favorite men's hairstyle even today.

5. Short Quiff

Our generation may associate David Beckham with this classic slicked-back look, but the quiff was originally made famous by Elvis Presley in the 50s and it continues to one of the greatest hairstyles of all time for men.

Which is your favorite men's hairstyle of all times?

On an average, every man changes his hairstyle and look at least 3-5 times in a lifetime. If you had to pick one top hairstyle for men (from these choices), which one would that be?

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