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Greige Stealthy Seasonal Nail Color For Men

Updated on August 31, 2010

I've taken this article from what was originally a post specifically for women. When I say I've taken it, I don't mean I've taken it at all, I mean I read something briefly and then went off on a wild tangent so loosely connected with the original that they may as well not be written in the same language, except for the fact that they both deal with nail color.

Anyway, what's apparently going to be quite hot this fall, or spring, depending which hemisphere you happen to be in, are neutral nail colors - otherwise known as 'Greige'. That means beige people, and gray, and if you really must push your luck, a natural pink barely discernible from your natural nail color may be tolerated if you're lucky.

The brilliant thing about 'neutral' trends, is that they're really just fashion's way of saying 'do nothing, but give us money for products anyway.'

Gray nails were advocated up there, you read that correctly, although I couldn't really in good conscience recommend gray nail polish unless you happen to be reenacting what it might be like to live in a post 'event' monochrome world, where we all wear tailored dark suits and swear allegiance to wide screen televisions that only display images of our dear leader fighting octopuses and wrestling polar bears. Gray is not a color that flatters anyone. Why? Because it is the color of age and decay. It is the color (or rather the lack of color) that indicates ill health. You'll never see a gray foundation, will you? (No, they'll call it 'silver' and make you pretend you live in outer space, if that ever happens.)

Anyway, neutral nail colors are perfect for men who want to experiment with a little light color without drawing undue attention to themselves. Light pinks and beiges and creams can all work to your advantage this season.

If you don't want it to be too obvious that you're wearing nail polish, apply just a single coat. Most nail polishes require two, or even three coats to give that shiny opaque look that we see so often in the moving pictures and on the hands of the fashionable ladies. A single coat of nail polish is the polish equivalent of a super sheer pair of stockings. It's there, but it's very difficult for anyone else to verify its existence.

So go forth chaps and polish your nails. Flaunt your gleaming digits under pale fluorescent lights and revel in the knowledge that you are men amongst nail care gods! Do not go quietly into the night, go with a pale pink hue, humming anthems of war.

Want more information? Here's a review of 'Greige Nail Polishes' that might tempt your fancy.


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