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How To Grow Relaxed Hair Long, Healthy And Beautiful

Updated on May 7, 2014

Grow Long Relaxed Hair

Healthy hair depends on each level to be moisturized to avoid shedding and breakage.
Healthy hair depends on each level to be moisturized to avoid shedding and breakage.

How To Grow Long Relaxed Hair In About A Year

You've been taking good care of your hair but nothing you do allows you to grow long relaxed hair faster. Long relaxed hair may seem impossible if you've never had long hair before, but it is attainable.

How To Grow Long Hair Healthy

The first thing you have to do is become committed to growing your relaxed hair by doing what it takes to prevent dryness and damage from happening in the first place.If your hair is already long your in for a wonderful surprise if you implement these tips.

Hair relaxers are used to help hair become more manageable but it's ingredients are believed to be the source of breakage and dryness causing hair to become short. This is true if your chemically relaxed hair is not properly cared for.

Tip: No-Lye relaxers have calcium that can cause dryness and breakage weeks from application. Shampoo no-lye relaxer with calcifying shampoo such as Organic Neutralizing Moisturizing shampoo.

The Truth About Growing Long Healthy Relaxed

The truth about relaxed hair is that it need more maintenance because of the potential loss of natural oils because of the relaxer process. Hair that is spiraled , curly or kinky is in it's strongest form when natural. Making this hair straight is restructuring the hair causing it to become weaker.

Once your hair is relaxed you will have to strengthen the bonds by using a reconstructive conditioner. This can come in a creamy conditioner type form or a serum. A reconstructive conditioner will strengthen the weakened bonds to prevent breakage later.

Your will then use a conditioner treatment to infuse moisture into the hair, depending on the hair condition an oil treatment may be used. Oil treatments are great for longer older hair ends. Remember the hair ends are the oldest and the most porous hair on your head. It is really important to protect them in order to prevent splitting hair.

Roller sets or molded styles are great if you seriously want to protect your ends from extreme styling heat from blow dryers and curling irons.

Trimming the ends of your hair is very important to prevent any hair that is already damaged from splitting up the hair shaft. After the damage is eventually gone (if you can't handle cutting it away in one sitting) less trimming is needed.

A healthy head of hair and damage free ends can wait 8 - 12 weeks for a trim. Some people are extreme and only trim their hair every 6 months or so. This take discipline and tolerance for uneven hair. You see some areas of your hair may grow faster or slower. But this special individual is wearing protective styling (no ends exposed) and sealing the hair ends at all times giving the ends no reason to dry out .

How To Grow Long Relaxed Hair Faster

  • Wrap hair every night or in dusty environments with silk or satin wraps.
  • Always wear protective hairstyles.
  • Wash hair with moisturizing shampoos.
  • Always give deep conditioners for at least 15 minutes.
  • Alternate deep conditioners with oil treatments
  • Protein treatments every 6 weeks for fragile hair, followed with moisture treatment.
  • Never wear tight or uncomfortable hairstyles.
  • Moisturize and seal ends (liquid oil or shine glaze over moisturizer) or with before styling to prevent drying ends.There are more methods to sealing hair. Use one that leaves your hair soft and supple. The most important thing is not to have dry ends. They will break if too dry.
  • Gently use wide tooth comb to groom hair.
  • Keep scalp lightly moisturized or oiled and give gentle massage to keep hair bulbs healthy with proper blood flow.
  • Eat balanced meals and take daily vitamins.
  • Protect hair from extreme weather such as sun and cold winds.

Hair that is clean, moisturized, unstressed and healthy will not break. It will be fuller, stronger and more vibrant than ever before. Once you know what not to do it will become a breeze to grow your relaxed hair long. Growing your hair longer is something you may have thought impossible but with a clearer understanding and proper hair regimen you now know how to grow and manage relaxed hair. Good luck on your journey and be patient it will grow!


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