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Guide on Choosing the Right Belt

Updated on June 6, 2016

Are you fond of wearing belts? Being a stylist from profession, a smart belt is what I feel is always needed to enhance the appearance of any outfit. A complementing belt can do wonders to your personality. Therefore, using a belt is always a great alternative to look more stylish.

Belts have emerged as one of the best choices as gifts for men and women. You need to know many facts before buying any belts. Considering the waist size, color and fabric of the commodity are the necessary elements if picking the right stuff is your desire. These days’ belts are available in numerous designs and styles, and they have proved to be a great point of attraction for the females. Belts also help you to get a sleek physical appearance apart from serving the basic purpose of holding the lower garment tight. You get expensive or designer belts, but there are many affordable belts as well in styles like Mission belts and Ratchet belts. These belts do not have holes but contain an auto buckle system.

Particularly for men, their belt is just like a tuxedo which should be durable and must fit right.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Belt

While choosing this essential accessory that adorns both men and women, keep these points in mind -

  • Belts play a significant role in making your attire well defined and attractive. Thus, it is important to choose the right belt for the right occasion. For example, slide belts are usually for casual dresses, while leather belts for men are typically for formal occasions and must be worn according to the need of the time.
  • Leather belts can be derived from the skin of many animals, like cow, alligator, buffalo, lizard, ostrich and even stingray. Each of these belts is unique in its appearance and has its special set of advantages. While Ostrich's leather is known for its versatility, Crocodile' Leather belts are of rugged nature but look incredibly beautiful. However, calf's leather is the smoothest of all with a polished look.
  • The color of a belt plays a vital role while choosing one's dress belt. The natural shade of leather is brown, and that tends to be the best hue. However many more colors can be availed with the implementation of the dyeing process. Belts can be from black to more diverse tones like red, maroon and much more. Belts are also found in various lengths and widths.
  • You can also opt for braided straps. It is made by cutting the leather in many strips and then the braids are done along the length. A fashion buckle is attached to the outermost edge of the leather. Since it is made from single piece of leather, you can be assured of its extra durability.
  • Many kinds of decorated belts are also available; most of which are specifically for women. With rivets, rhinestones, and painted designs, these embellished belts have become quite popular.
  • Pick a belt of high quality as belts tend to tear off from the areas where it is tightened on the waist. You may lose access to one of your favorite designs very soon if you pick a wrong quality. Also, it's an add-on to your expenses.

While buying a belt make sure you are very meticulous about checking its manufacturing part. Prefer the small, and tight stitching ones that do not have any loose ends, especially when the leather has been sewn. The buckles should be such that it can be changed in case they turn out to be faulty in the long run. Belts can be custom made these days in some reputed stores; however online purchase of belts has also become popular where you need to be even more careful.

Whenever you purchase belt online, it is important to look for the customer reviews. Customers who have already made the purchase are the best people to give the feedback. The great thing about the online e-commerce sites is that they provide room for leaving feedback to the customers so that other customers find it easier to pick a right product from the feedbacks left by the previous customers.

I have made a lot of online purchases of the belts, and have observed that almost every purchase that I have done proved to be a right one because I always consider the reviews left by the customers over the different online stores regarding the product.

Believe me, this strategy always works. Just give a try and you will never be disappointed with your decision.


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