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Guide to Color Blocking

Updated on April 29, 2013

Color blocking is one fashion trend that never goes away. It has been seen in runway shows for many spring/summer seasons now and it never loses its charm. More and more women today are embracing this trend because of its vibrancy, playfulness, and youthfulness. While some people find it easy to mix and match different colors together, some find it difficult. If you are still a bit hesitant to get into the bandwagon, here is a simple guide you can follow. This guide will teach you how you can mix and match various colors to create one vibrant but coherent outfit.

Colors from the Same Color Family

Choosing colors that belong to the same color family is a great start to rock this trend. Choose one color that you really like to wear and find another piece of clothing that belong to the same color family. For example, royal blue and sky blue or mint green and pine green. The darker and lighter shades of colors that belong to the same color family will create a nice and balanced contrast. And besides, colors that belong to the same color family will always go well with each other.

Complementary Colors

If you want to try a bolder set of colors to make it even more interesting and make a statement, try using complementary colors. Check your color wheel and see which colors are complementary. According to the color wheel, red and green as well as purple and yellow are actually complementary. Any shade of red and green or purple and yellow will actually do. The huge difference between the colors can make an impact. And though these colors are highly contrasting they complement each other really well, too, creating a color blocking outfit that is definitely outstanding. And if you don't have a color wheel at home (just in case you want to make sure that the colors of your choice are really complementary), you can always Google it.

Black and White

No one can ever go wrong with black and white. These shades make any outfit look classier, more sophisticated, more elegant, and timeless. Though black and white aren't really colors, their combination is already considered as color blocking because of their huge contrast. Also, the great thing about using black and white is that they transcend all seasons so your outfit stays relevant throughout spring, summer, fall, winter and the seasons the following year and even through many years. This is definitely a great way to start for people who hardly have any idea how to mix and match colors yet.

Experiment Clashing Colors

There are definitely a lot of colors that exists in this world and we can only find out what goes really well together if we experiment on their combinations. Take pink and green for example. They are neither complementary nor are they colors that belong to the same color family. But, they go so well together. Cobalt blue and yellow have the same case. No one would have though that these colors go really well together if people did not experiment on them. Combine different colors and see which you think look really well together.

Color Themes

There are so many themes of colors that also exist these days. Neon, primary colors, pastel colors, jewel tones - they all exist. Color blocking one theme is also a great way to start rocking this trend. You can go for an all out neon outfit if you want to blind people who will see you or go for a sweet and delicate color blocking outfit using pastel colors. You can also go for a more sophisticated outfit using the richer and bolder jewel tones. Going for one theme at a time can make your outfit look coherent and well put-together as well.

Color blocking is a trend that we don't see going away anytime soon. And besides, wearing vibrant colors head to toe during the spring and summer is always a trend. But this shouldn't be too hard to rock after all. With the help of these tips, people who were once afraid of incorporating colors into their wardrobes can finally find great joy in wearing more colors into their lives.


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    • pinklemonadegirl profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      @ayu bi: thank you! i hope this hub helped you in some way. :)

    • Ayu Bi profile image


      5 years ago from Sorajima

      Simple but useful hub! Voted useful! :)


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