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HAIR ACCESSORIES - Fashion Feather Bobby Pins and Hair Clips

Updated on March 19, 2011

Feather Accessories!

Feathers are everywhere this fashion season! Actresses and celebrities like Paula Abdul and Malin Akerman have been donning feather accessories for months. Runway models have been wearing feathers in the most creative ways. All one has to do is google-image search of "feather accessories" or "feather hair extensions" and pages of beautiful feathers will show up on the computer screen.

I love watching American Idol each year, and can't help but notice that many of the aspiring musical artists have been wearing feathers this season, too. Haley Reinhart has worn feather earrings with big, beautiful feathers hanging down, framing her face and neck, while Lauren Alaina has worn subtle hair extensions, as well as a long, chain necklace that had feathers in it about ever 4 inches. Another favorite American Idol contestant, Naima Adedapo, has worn feathers in her hair many times, either bright colored feathers by themselves or feathers accenting a flower hair clip.

Below, you will find some feather hair accessories I have made--bobby pins and small hair clips. I also make feather earrings, feather hair extensions, flower hair clips with feathers, and flower and feather headbands. To find them, just look at my other articles, here on Hubpages!

Feather Bobby Pins

While I love to make larger accessories that make a statement, I also love these tiny bobby pins that make a more subtle statement--yet still say just how modern and chic you really are.

This accessory with pink and black feathers, a pink gem, and black bobby pin says just that.

These bobby pins are for more neutral outfits, with their neutral colored feathers--brown, black, and black.  They are finished off with silver jewelry pieces.

I love this fun clip with blue and black feathers, a couple of peacock plumes, and blue gem on a black bobby pin.

This is a variety of my very first bobby pins.  They completely sold out within days of making them.  I used lots of different colored feathers and different gems, buttons, jewelry pieces, and pearl accents.

Here's another beautiful hair pin--with red and black feathers, a silver jewelry accent, and a shimmery bobby pin.

Purple is a hot color right now and this bobby pin was no exception since it also sold immediately.  I used purple and black feathers, topped with a black feather with subtle, green, iridescent reflections.  Next, I added a vintage earring--silver with a small pearl.

This one is even more fun--made in the shape of a flower--green and black feathers, brown and black feathers, and a green gem on top.

This accessory was made with red/pink dyed peacock plumes, more black and green feathers, and a jewelry accent with a rhinestone.

After a while of making these, I decided to start playing around with some netting (or toule).  This one is a hair clip, with some black netting, a couple of black and brown polka-dotted feathers, a couple of black plumes, and a piece of a bracelet I used to wear.

I started with more black toule, black and white polka-dotted feathers, and clear gem, all on a small bobby pin.

On this one, I used a small piece of netting, three purple feathers, and a rhinestone housed in black metal, all on a black bobby pin.

This is one of my favorites! Some black netting, magenta feathers, black and magenta polka dotted feathers, and a magenta gem on a black bobby pin.

This photo also shows tiny sparkles in the netting.

This one is on a very small hair clip and is for sale on Etsy.  It has red and black feathers on the foundation layer, then neutral colored feathers that show green iridescent shimmer depending on which way the light hits them.  I topped it with a silver jewelry piece.

I love the black and white feathers used in this feather hair clip.  On top of them, I added a black/green iridescent feather with red-dyed edges and a silver gem.

Last is a red hair clip made from only red feathers and a red gem.

Thank you so much for looking at my creations!  

I am hoping to write a few more articles on my latest feather earrings, feather hair extension, and long feather hair clips.


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