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How to Wear Make-Up before Stepping out-A Beautician’s Tips

Updated on December 5, 2017

Your Face


A woman’s face usually reveals her personality more than anything else due to its conspicuous position on her body. Every woman knows the virtues of wearing make-up and what it does to one’s self-confidence. Few women would dare walking out of the house without some sort of make-up to enhance their outlook. Despite their good intentions, many women end up overdoing their make-up with disastrous effects on their general outlook thereby creating a negative impression to the public, against their will. We all like placing our best foot forward especially if our intention is to send good signals to those we chance to encounter.

Our frequent daily stare into the mirror ensures we have a very good impression of our looks. This implies that, prior to make up, we already know our features and what we would like to enhance to emphasize our dull features. We should never wear make-up to look like those we admire, or hide some feature we do not like. Each individual has a unique face that requires an equally unique make-up while avoiding a clash of both personality and style. A good make-up should fit perfectly with our mood, time and place.

Rarely do we use make-up when our intention is to stay indoors.

Always avoid shades that border on the extreme. Try to experiment until you get shades that truly look good on your face. Learn new ways of applying colour shades before landing on one that enhances your features.

Applying make up


Base or Foundation

Make-up produces better effects when ones face is cleaned up and void of any blemish. Ensure to clean your face with antiseptic soap first followed by a cold wet towel mop. The foundation one applies should be carefully chosen to avoid looking like a scarecrow.It should carefully complement and tone up one’s facial skin. Use the lighter parts of your body to test the effects of a foundation prior to using it on your face (e.g. thighs or back of your hand). Apply the foundation lightly on areas that require toning up such as the exposed parts of the face or the chin but not the entire face, while mopping up excesses with a sponge.

Using Face Powder

Face powders are used to set the foundation you have just applied on. Light applications produce a better effect than heavy applications of the powder. Avoid looking like a clown by overdoing things, unless of course you are in the circus entertainment squad.

Using the Eye Liner


The eye liner is supposed to clearly define one’s eyes. For those women who are endowed with small eyes, it should be applied halfway around the corners of one’s eyes to make their eyes look bigger. Women with bigger eyes should apply their eye liner around the entire eye to make it appear smaller. Eye liners also fill and define your eyebrows when brushed outwards.

Using Eye Shadow

Your choice of eye shadow shades makes a big difference when blended with your skin colour. I have met women whose choice of colour leaves a lot to be desired, and yet they dare walk out of the door. Some choices scream so much that they border on the absurd. Be a good judge with the help of the mirror. Try to get your friend’s, child’s or husband’s opinion about your looks. It is advisable to purchase light, medium and darker tones of the same shade of eye shadow.

Try to apply lighter shades over the eyebrow and brow’s bone. The medium shade should be applied on the eyelid, while the darker shade goes along the top of the eyelids. Use light sweeps of the brush for that faint alluring outlook. Strike a blend of eye shadow colours to ensure a perfect merge into each other.


Wearing your Mascara

Avoid extreme shades of mascara for better effects. Mascara is used if you want to open up your eyes. Use two upward light sweeps of the brush on your eye lashes while combing them out after each application.

Using the Blusher


Carefully apply the powder on your cheek bones towards your hairline using a large soft brush that comes with the make-up set. Ensure a good blend.

Using the Lip Liner

The lip liner is used to create an outline that shapes your lips. It is advisable to use lip liners that are shaped like pencils for better results.

Watch the following video on wearing make-up via Youtube

Application of Lipstick

Lipstick should be applied using a brush with light brisk maneuvers. Use soft tissue paper to remove excesses. Apply until the desired effect is attained. Your choice of lipstick should not only blend with your skin but also ensure matching your dress codes. When well done, lipstick can produce unexpected pleasant results on you, and also with the opposite sex.


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    7 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Hi Lady_E,

    I'm glad you passed by my Beauty Queen.

    Hope you enjoyed your stay. Please come again

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    7 years ago from London, UK

    Thanks for this my Beauty Guru. :)

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    7 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Hi sameerk,

    I'm glad you took time to pass by. Welcome again

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    7 years ago from India

    nice info


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