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How to Cut Your Own Hair in a Ponytail

Updated on November 3, 2011

Cutting Your own Hair

So, you've decided to cut your hair off to donate, or you just need a hair cut and it's not long enough to donate. Please see my other Hub about donating your hair to Locks of Love if your ponytail is at least 10 inches long. It's easy to donate your hair and help out a child. I have been donating my hair every other Spring and I have ALWAYS cut my own hair and people cannot believe it. You do not need to go spend a ton of money at a hair salon. Plus its more of an accomplishment to do it yourself.

  1. First pull the ponytail back at the nape of your neck or shorter or longer depending on the length you want. I've always gone from very long hair to short hair yet I still want to put in in a ponytail even if it's tiniest ponytail you've ever seen. Make sure there are no bubbles in your hair. This assures a straight cut.
  2. Next, slide the ponytail tail holder down about an inch or so, so you can cut straight across the top of the rubber band but it will still leave you with enough hair for your ponytail later.
  3. Now, if you just want a blunt cut. You are finished. That easy! If you want a few bulky layers for a fun, flirty look, keep reading.
  4. To put layers in your hair pull your hair into a ponytail at the top of your hair. Don't worry about the bottom layers of hair. They should not be able to fit so let them fall where they are.
  5. Cut straight across the elastic band again and you're done!

By pulling your hair up into a high ponytail it puts your whole head of hair into layers. If it isn't enough layering for you, you can pull your hair into another ponytail at another level of your head and cut again. This is the absolute easiest thing to do and you will love it. Please don't forget if your ponytail is at least 10 inches please donate it. Go to my Locks of Love Hub and it tells you how. All it costs you is a padded envelope and a stamp. Good luck and happy cutting!


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