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Hair Care Tips for Your Child's Curly Hair

Updated on March 31, 2013

I love curly hair. Curls are beautiful. Of course, if you have curly hair it probably drives you crazy. But what do you do if your child has curly hair? How do you care for curly hair? How is it different than caring for straight hair? And how do you keep it from getting frizzy and poofy? Well, we're about to take you through the best tips for caring for you child's curly hair.

How Curly Hair Care Differs from Straight

Curly hair tends to be to dry and brittle. For this reason, curly hair needs to be washed less often than straight hair. You can rinse curly hair when needed, but the shampoos too often remove the natural oils in the hair which are necessary to prevent the hair from becoming too dry or frizzy.

Curly hair should only be brushed after rinsing the hair when wet. When curly hair is dry, brushing the hair will separate the curls and cause the hair to become very poofy and frizzy.

A hair smoother or anti-frizz cream can be used more frequently in curly hair than in straight hair. If too much hair smoother is used in straight hair, it may end up looking greasy. In curly hair, however, using enough of the right product is essential in helping to create beautiful, bouncy and soft curls.

The Curly Girl Handbook

Curly Girl: The Handbook
Curly Girl: The Handbook

Curly girl is full of fabulous tips for creating gorgeous curls.


Choosing the Right Products for Curly Hair

Children need to shampoo their hair less frequently than adults and kids with curly hair need to shampoo it even less so. You can probably get away with simply conditioning the hair rather than shampooing it. If it is necessary to shampoo your child's hair (because kids do tend to get stick-stuff in their hair), be sure to condition well and avoid shampooing the hair multiple days in a row.

Children's shampoo and conditioner often comes in a 2-in-1 combination. I would recommend simply using conditioner, rather than purchasing these products.

You'll want to buy a smoothing cream made for curly hair. Use it when the hair is wet to prevent the hair from frizzing when it dries.

Use a styling serum made for curly hair for dry hair if extra frizzes pop out during the day.

A squirt bottle can come in handy when styling your child's curly hair. For example, if you want to put your child's hair in a ponytail or piglets, you'll likely need to brush the hair in order to pull it up. If you do need to brush your child's hair, use your water bottle to wet the curls again after you have styled it. Scrunch the curls and finish with a styling serum to re-define the curls.

If you must blow dry your child's hair, use a diffuser and only dry the hair to rid it of excess moisture. Ideally, you'll want to use the blow dry minimally.

How to Style Your Child's Curly Hair

When your child's hair is wet, rub a smoothing cream throughout the hair. Usually, you want to avoid blow drying curly hair, unless you're planning on straightening it.

Twist the natural ringlets around your finger for smoother and more defined curls.

Longer haircuts usually work well with curly hair because the extra weight weighs hair down and this way reduces frizzies.

Finding a good stylist that knows how to work with curly hair will be a huge plus when caring for your child's curly hair. If you cut your child's hair, remember that the hair will be quite a bit shorter when dry than when wet.


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