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Hair Clinics in Manila

Updated on December 26, 2016
All photo credits to bradleypjohnson (Flickr Creative Commons image-Attribution required)
All photo credits to bradleypjohnson (Flickr Creative Commons image-Attribution required) | Source

Looking for Hair Transplant Clinic in Manila?

Hair loss or baldness in any form can be the source of insecurity and loss of confidence for both men or women. The condition in itself is not serious unless it is caused by an underlying medical problem. Whatever its causes, a balding spot of thinning pattern in the head affects greatly a person's confidence.

Hair loss or baldness more often comes with age. Unfortunately, both men and women suffer the same when it comes to this concern. Nowadays, it is acceptable for both men and women suffering hair loss problems to consult hair professionals to augment their appearance by way of hair augmentation procedures. Each process may require different techniques and costs.

Losing or thinning hair is no laughing matter and hair restoration clinics provide remedies to address this problem. . Getting professional consultation and advice on the best way to treat your hair problem would be more preferred than try to error or using generic products claiming to cure hair problems.

Hair clinics can help people who want to have effective solution and abort an impending hair thinning problem. A good hair clinic will guide you in choosing the proper treatment and hair management to help one achieve fuller hair. These clinics offer different solution to anyone's hair concern from hair therapy, hair restoration, hair treatment, and even hair replacement. If you live in the Philippines and suffers from baldness, bald spots, hair loss, hair thinning, hair falling, pattern baldness, eyebrow loss, and eyelash thinning, the list of hair clinics provided below might be of help

Hair Clinic

Asian Hair Restoration Center (AHRS)

The Asian hair Restoration center is located at the Makati Medical Center and is headed by Dr. Julieta Peralta-Arambulo. Services and offered include Hair Transplant, Follicular Unit Transplant, Eyebrow and Eyelash Transplant, and Body Hair Transplant. AHRS provides free consultation and affordable rates. The center is located in Makati City, Philipines.

Hair Transplant Philippines

The Hair Transplant clinic is headed by MJ Kristine S. Bunagan, MD, MPH, DPDS, a hair transplant specialist and claims to be accredited with the International Society of Hair restoration Surgery

Manzanares Hair Restoration Center

The Manazanares hair Restoration Center provides hair transplantation as well as other services not merely limited to head hair but include that for eyelash and eyebrows. According to their site, they offer free of charge consultation, both online and in the clinic. This hair clinic is located right in the center of the Ortigas Center Business District, Pasig City, Philippines.

Nu /Hart Hair Clinic Manila

Provides solution to hair loss, thinning and balding problems by offering hair transplant services. Nu Hart provides free and no obligation online consultation and offers zero interest financing from several credit cards. The hair clinic is located in Makati City, Philippines.

Pineda Hair Transplant Clinic

The clinic is headed by Dr. Andrew Pineda and offers hair transplant procedures utilizing the patient’s own hair. The hair clinic has 2 branches, one in Makati City, and another in Davao City Philippines.

It is important that before anyone considers to avail of any hair treatment services or any treatment, make sure the medical person is licensed and highly-skilled. You may check their membership in medical associations in the country or area where they are practicing. Make sure as well that the clinic itself has the necessary and updated business permits and licenses to operate to assure you of a safe and a successful treatment including your rights are protected in case your treatment does not go as planned.


Please be advised that the author is no way connected with any of these hair clinics and does not vouch for the effectiveness and safety of any of the treatments or procedures being conducted as well as the qualifications and accreditations of the specialists or doctors therein. This listing is merely for informational purposes to aid any person in his search. Please note that this list is limited only to hair specialty clinics and is arranged in alphabetical order and may not be a comprehensive listing. Other clinics may exist offering hair restoration as part of their services.


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