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Hair Extensions Guide

Updated on September 28, 2016

Things to look out for when buying hair extensions

One crucial area that you need to be aware of is the fact that some hair extension companies and salons use chemicals as a way to treat and preserve the hair. Whilst this may sound like a good idea since you will get a longer lifespan out of it, the opposite is actually true. Some of the chemical treatments that are used can actually diminish the lifespan of the hair, resulting in you having to change the extensions a lot quicker, which is of course why companies would carry out this act since it results in more money for them. The treatments that are used can also make it difficult to dye the hair in such a way that it matches your own shade, or the dye itself quickly damages the hair due to the pre-treatment that it has had. Another key area to look out for is if the hair is real or not. Sadly, there are many unscrupulous online retailers that will make the suggestion that the hair you are receiving is real human hair whereas in reality it is nylon based. The problem with this is that it can make it difficult to get a proper colour match with your own hair when dying it, much like the case mentioned above with treated hair. Further, it also means you’re paying a lot more money but in actual fact you are getting an inferior product. Therefore, the best way to get around both of these issues is to buy virgin hair. This means that not only is it real human hair (and not made in a lab), but that there has been no chemical treatments applied to the hair.

Caring for your extensions

When you are buying hair extensions, it is always recommended that a professional installs these for you. This is to ensure that no matter if they use a hot or cold fusion method that the hair is securely seated and will last a long period of time. Many people opt for the cold fusion method, which has been discussed in more detail in the video below. Hair care is also a tricky subject when it comes to real hair extensions. The biggest issue is due to the fact that the hair is not physically connected to your scalp in the way that your own hair is. Due to this, the hair is not getting its own nutrients and therefore if it is not cared for properly then it can be severely damaged. Whilst it may seem that the best course of action is to wash the extensions every day, the opposite is true. This overwashing of the extensions can actually accelerate the rate at which they degrade. You will therefore end up needing to replace them sooner than you would have hoped. Ideally, you should wash and condition the extensions once or twice a week with a high quality product. The stylist that fits the extensions for you will be able to assist you in choosing a product that will maintain the high quality of the extensions. They will also be able to assist you in dying the hair to a shade of your choice and with a blend that will not cause degradation to the product.

Hair Extensions PROS & CONS

Buy with confidence

With the plethora of online outlets for hair extensions, it can be difficult to choose a company that meets your needs. There are however numerous outlets that offers 100% real human hair. Further, the hair that they sell is untreated so you can be sure that it is of the highest quality and you will not have the issues mentioned above.

Be sure to look for companies that have quoted that their hair will last for up to one year. However, this is of course on the basis that it is fitted by a professional, as well as the fact that it is maintained properly as per the guidelines on their site. Many of the online retailers will also offer next day delivery at no extra charge, which is something to look out for.


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