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Hair Fall Problems and Solutions

Updated on April 28, 2020

If you’re anything like me and have super OCD, then hair fall is one of the most annoying things you have to deal with. Even otherwise I think most girls go through this where they cant help thinking that at the rate their hair falls they'll be bad soon. Don’t worry its normal I've thought it too!

What causes Hair Fall?

There are so many reasons hair fall happens but here are few of the common reasons:

  1. Water – depending where you live, the water you shower with, has a significant role in leading to hair loss. The excessive amounts of calcium and magnesium in the hard water you use, tend to have a negative effect on your hair follicles causing hair breakage, dryness and hair loss.
  2. Hair color – if you color your hair often or use strong treatments - it really has an effect on your hair where the hair becomes weak and leads to hair loss

3. Hair straightening or using a curling iron – excessive heat is what they produce which is extremely bad for your hair.

4. Hormonal imbalance – sometimes if we suffer from a medical disorder like PCOD, any sort of thyroid imbalance or even diabetes, unfortunately hair fall could be a side effect of it

5. Vitamin deficiency – low levels of vitamin D or B12 can cause hair loss. Vitamin D is required to stimulate hair growth and vitamin B12 is needed to produce new hair cells and promote hair growth

6. Stress – I think this is a factor for a lot of health issues but believe it or not, it can also cause hair loss.

We all probably know all this and are more concerned with the remedies than the causes.

Here are some things that you can do to help reduce your hair fall significantly:

1. Get a shower filter – one of the easiest solutions to tackle the water that may be causing your hair fall is to get a proper shower filter. A shower head filter from brands such as PureAction or Blu sell shower heads that you can just switch over with what you currently have. It’s a one-time purchase where you buy the shower head thereafter you only have to change the filters once in 3 months. These shower filters will filter out the impurities in the water which can do wonders for your hair. As a bonus it also helps you save water.

2. Use SLS free products for your hair – Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is an ingredient found in shampoos we use which is also a major contributor to hair loss. It is a lathering agent and continuous use of this will lead to dry scalp and hair fall issues. SLS overall is a harmful ingredient and can be found in many of our toiletries and is also banned in some countries. The next time you are out buying toiletries check the ingredients of the product and try and avoid those with SLS and look for a more organic product such as those with argan oil or tea tree. Most major brands like Organic Care, Herbal Essences, Loreal, Pantene all have SLS free products.

3. Heat Protectants - It may be really hard not to use a hair dryer or straightener these days but there is a way you can continue to do so without damaging your hair. Heat Protectants are a product that people either don’t know about or isn’t used as much as it should be. Heat Protectant sprays are available for purchase almost anywhere and what they do is they dampen your hair a bit to reduce the heat damage to you hair. Though it can't completely protect your hair it will however reduce the heat damage by at least 50%. Lot of major brands have them but the hair heat protectant I would recommend is the one I have tried and tested which is the Redken Pillow Proof blow dry spray.

4. Coconut oil - Not my personal favorite but one that works wonders for you hair is coconut oil. Viva Naturals organic extra virgin coconut oil is one that is recommended. Coconut oil contains Lauric acid that strengthens the hair and its roots, also keeping it from breaking. It not only keeps your hair healthy but also keeps its soft and shiny. Once or twice a week if you can oil your hair and keep it for at least half hour before washing, it will keep your hair well nourished.

5. Applying onion juice - another way of promoting hair growth and keeping your hair healthy. It is known to reduce hair fall because the sulfur in onions helps with hair growth and reduces hair fall. I know what you’re thinking that no way are you going to put onions on your hair, what about the smell? Let me put you at ease and recommend a product that will take care of this for you. Mama Earth is a brand that among their other products has oil, hair masks, shampoos and conditioners with onion juice. Made with herbal oils it definitely doesn’t smell and reduces your hair fall by 50% at least. Their hair mask made with Argan oil and Avocado oil is also an amazing product that hydrates and repairs damaged hair. Both tried and tested which is why its being recommended.

6. Last but not least supplements, Vitamin D and E are essential to keep your hair healthy. If you do not follow a diet that is rich in these vitamins, try opting for a supplement which can compensate. Vitamin D is an essential that should be taken not just for your hair but for so many other factors. (Refer to my article on vitamin D for more info)

Above are the recommendations you could follow to ensure you keep your hair healthy. However just like all things in life, consistency is key to see the best results. If you follow this for at least a month, you are sure to see results which will make a big difference to how your hair feels!

Thank you for your time and reading.


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