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Hair Product Junkies

Updated on August 9, 2013

It's A Hair Thang!

When you enter into Walmart, Target, or Walgreens, do you natural head to the Ethnic Hair Care section? Whether it be any one of them, I will make a bee-line before leaving to satisfy my urge to purchase or survey the shelves for that Holy Grail hair conditioner, styler, or gel!

Do you browse hair magazines looking for new and innovative Hair Products?

Have You've Gone to Hair Shows and Return with a Hair Product Haul?

Yeah, come on over here, sit down, we need to talk!

We may need to talk!

Hair Product Junkies

If your like me, your circle of friends are sprinkled with some funny hair product Junkies!

Product junkies have this undeniable ability to know about the newest and hottest products on the shelves.

Am I a product junkie, reformed...I'd like to think! I became aware of this issue when I moved a few years back and had to pack up the bathroom. I had three of the largest packing boxes filled with hair products.

Oils, gels, hair sprays, and moisturizers shimmied for a place in the filled boxes. When I got to my new home there simply was not enough room for "ALL" my products! Some products had to remain stored in the boxes that we moved them in.

What to Do With All This Product?

Just simply throwing them all away, at that time, did not seem to be a viable option. The product junkie in me was shaking in her plush, purple velvet slippers while her mind tried to reason with the person "shoving" products in the small, under the sink cabinet!

Needless to say, the product junkie prevailed! I shoved as much as the poor cabinet would hold and left the remainder in the storage box for later usage.

I Needed A Reason

I needed a reason to get rid of all those bottles of conditioners, gels, hair waxes, and shampoos! And one day it happened! I went natural and cut off my relaxed tresses. Now, left with needing to understand how to take care of my tresses in their "natural" state forced me to look at the products that I was putting on my hair!

I quickly learned that mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, and some hair greases caused the hair to eventually dry out and break off. This forced me to take a look at my armory of hair products. Most of them contained ingredients that were not beneficial to my hair and forced me to "start" throwing out product.

Some where taken by others who didn't mind but I wouldn't voluntarily give someone product that I felt was not good to use.

What's In Your Product Junkie Closet?

I decided that I would limit my products to "product lines." I thought this would be a viable ideal since it really isn't a good idea to mix products from different product lines. The application of cross application of product lines can wreak havoc on your hair.

With hair care products being a "recession-proof" commodities, developers of hair care products intentionally interweave their products to "work" successful within their product line.

The best example of this is trying to use your favorite gels with a "designer" line. The ramifications can be flaking, crunchiness, snow balls and the like.

My three product lines that I've chosen to keep are Curls, Kinky Curly, and Carol's Daughter. I primarily use the Curls and Kinky Curly (because I'm 3(b)(c) hair type but the rest of my family are in the 4a - c(z) hair type and Carol's Daughter works wonder on their hair.

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