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Hair designing - The voice of the clients

Updated on February 18, 2013
different views of the same hair style
different views of the same hair style
braided hair
braided hair
nicely styled hair
nicely styled hair
waw, the beauty, the dressing and not forgetting the nicely done hair. She is really sticking out.
waw, the beauty, the dressing and not forgetting the nicely done hair. She is really sticking out.

What hair designers need to do to satisfy their clients and keep them

Hair is one of the most conspicuous parts of a woman's body. A woman feels more confident in smartly done hair hence dresses well to match it. Unfortunately, many women have a bad experience with their hair designers at least half the times. There is a lot of dissatisfaction in this industry because some hair designers overlook some things which end up not pleasing the clients. Most designers do not regard this job like any other office job with it's rules and regulations which need to be followed. Many women have turned into salon hopping as many hair dressers also loose clients.

Clients expectations of a good hair dresser.

1. The love of your job

It's ones own choice to pick hair dressing as a course so it's better if it's also a hobby. You should have a passion for it.

2. Talent

Some part of hair designing requires talent in it. Braiding for example is mostly based on talent. With talent at the fore front, you will obviously enjoy doing your job and the clients will be satisfied. In fact if you are not talented in braiding or plaiting lines, you might never be able to do it.

3. Have every product as per your clients expectations

We are all interested in having very healthy hair and are thus very particular about the products we use. So if you do not have what a client prefers, dash out and buy it. Trying to convince the client to use what you have might be a put off.

4. Creativity

There are clients who come undecided of what they want done on their hair and seek your opinion as a hair dresser. You need to give good creative options away from the usual stuff and do it to her satisfaction.

This is mostly failed when it comes to weaves. A particular weave can be done in different ways and end up looking very nice on the different heads. So if a client comes up with how she wants it done, listen and do the job to her satisfaction. Women get disgusted when you insist that "this is the way this one is normally done". Broaden your mind, at least you will also be learning something new.

5. Know hair products

Just like an IT specialists keeps on going back to class to capture the latest in the industry, so should you if you expect your business to flourish. It looks weird if a client seems to know more than you do. She might lack confidence in you.

6. Welcome your clients

Whether it's a first time client, if she finds you so cold she will not even feel comfortable with you doing her hair. Be jovial no matter how busy you are. Silence can send her out faster than she came in.

7. Pricing

Your charges should match the charges in the surrounding area. If you are more expensive, there should be a good reason that even drives more clients to your salon.

8. Personal hygiene

You should be clean and looking nice all over no matter how simple you could be dressed. You can imagine yourself on a clients hair, engaging in some talks and the smell from your mouth is not pleasant.

9. Salon cleanliness

No client feels happy to have her hair done in a dirty, smelly salon with flies all over. No matter how good your job is, you are likely to loose her.

10. Be honest

Let someone else do what you don't know. For instance, if the hair involves plaiting some lines then weaving half the head and you cannot plait, ask a plaiting expert to do that part for you. The client needs to get exactly what she wants. Trying to convince her to weave the whole head is a let down.

Some of the things that quickly put off clients

  • Doing the clients hair in a hurry simply because another client is waiting. No client is better than the other, they all pay you money so they should be served well no matter what. After all, "first come first served".
  • Asking a customer to wait for you to serve the other customer since she is in a hurry. If she is in a hurry for any reason she should rush to wherever she is going first. The client you are attending to did not come to spend the whole day in the salon, she also has other things to do. Attend to one client at a time, unless there is a waiting period like maybe she is still in the drier.
  • Discussing your private life with a client. You cannot work on her hair for three hours or so with your mouths shut, but you should come up with general engaging topics instead.
  • Borrowing money from a client. I want to imagine my hairdresser asking me for money which she intends to pay me back by doing my hair next time. You will majorly do this to a client you have had for a long time and your imagination is that you are the best and she cannot go away. This is not pleasing at all, you might end up loosing her.
  • Keeping time. If we had a date that we should meet at your salon by 8 am in the morning, i should actually find you there. Finding doors still closed and calling you while at the door is just but a favor.
  • Avoid gossiping. You are not alone in the salon you would rather engage in more useful topics. If you gossip about a client in the presence of another client, wont she think you will do the same to her once she walks out? Personally, i don't go back to a salon that has a lot of gossip about clients.
  • Asking for favors like lunch or sodas. She will take it lightly the first time but if it persists, she will know you are serious about it. Nobody likes this, let me buy you a soda without you asking for it.


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    • bizna profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from NAIROBI - KENYA

      Thanks DDE for passing by and for your comment.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Informative and useful with such talent in hairdo, a well explained and I learned something new here.

    • bizna profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from NAIROBI - KENYA

      Thank you PegCole for passing by and for your inspiring comment. If those in the industry don't know what's eating them up, they might never change. Some of them are just wondering where their clients have disappeared to without knowing the cause. When other hair dressers are very busy working on their clients, others are busking in the sun instead. Am hoping that this message will be of help to someone.

    • PegCole17 profile image

      Peg Cole 

      5 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      Hi Judith. You've really hit on some key areas which make the difference between success and failure in the hair industry. I really like the one about not gossiping to the client or about other clients. Hygiene is also a very important factor due to the closeness and hands-on that is required. Nicely explained here with great pictures.


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