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Hair Confession...Changing Hair Color

Updated on August 22, 2017

Coloring the hair is changing the hair from one color to another. The term hair dye is often used to describe the process. Every color has a process, converting blonde to brunette is coloring the hair darker. Rather than brunette to blonde dying the hair to a lighter shade. Hair coloring and highlights are two different forms of changing the appearance of the hair. Highlights are certain strands of hair color. Discussed before hair coloring is changing the entire hair color.

Before Bleaching

Washing the hair is a BIG NO! Before bleaching or applying a color change. It is best to do this when the hair is dirty. The build up adds for more protection from the chemicals changing its color. There are many methods to coloring the hair.
Hair coloring supplies will cost on average twenty-five dollars. Store bought bleach is best for an accurate appearance of blonde. Each brand has a different way of creating the powder for bleach. Doing the research on the type of brand is important to ensure the best results. L'Oreal is a popular company for individuals bleaching their hair. The tools for any hair coloring process consists of a comb, cream developer, gloves, the hair color, mixing bowl and brush, and a timer. The smell of bleach and developer is a strong smell nose plugs may come in handy. Mixing the bleach and develop until the powder is a liquid base. Section the hair and apply the bleach. Applying in a timing manner will allow the color to distribute evenly through the hair. The lighter the shade the longer sit time. Checking the color periodically will show the current color, allowing the decision to rinse or keep processing.

Hair developer is hydrogen peroxide. Each volume contains a different level of hydrogen peroxide for the shade of color desired. Mixed with hair color it will make the color darker or lighter. Cream Peroxide Developer and Clear Developer are the same.

Volume 10 contains a calmer level of hydrogen peroxide. The safest level for darkening the shade of hair. Containing less than ten percent of hydrogen peroxide this volume acts as a hair toner.

Volume 20 is the common level to purchase for coloring the hair. Used as a gray coverage it will lift the hair color approximately two shades.

Volume 30 lifts existing hair color three or more shades. This volume lightens the hair by lifting the existing color.

Volume 40 is the most predominant hydrogen peroxide. Best used in a professional setting. Deciding to use this volume without consulting your hair stylist can lead to potential damage.

After Care

Color preservative shampoo and conditioner is in high demand to keep the color from fading. Washing the hair too much with regular shampoo can lead to a dullness in the color. Pantene Pro-V Color Preserve Shine and Volume keeps the hair color looking brand new. A color preserve shampoo allows two things: the color to stay intact and being able to shampoo regularly keeping the hair smooth and shiny. Do not blow dry your hair on high settings. A setting lower than what is normally used will lessen the chance of hair ends becoming stiff and needing to be cut. After washing and blow drying. Heat serum will be needed to protect the hair color from any further heat.

The bleaching method is applied correctly will not need any special treatment. Besides lessening heat intake on hair (only if a lot of heat is typically used every day). Keeping the hair from breaking off is the main goal for coloring hair yourself. Condition more than shampooing to preserve the moisture. Deep conditioning once to twice a month will make a difference in appearance and strength. Oils and heat-less hairstyles give the hair more room to breathe and grow. Here are a few articles with heat-less hairstyles and oils to use for the hair.

Changing hair color is a common practice for many who like to express themselves freely or is looking for a change. Popular colors consist of black, blonde, platinum, and red. For brunettes converting to blonde or platinum bleach is used. Performing the bleaching is a detrimental process that strips hair natural color to a lighter shade.


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    • Dasia Toston profile imageAUTHOR


      18 months ago from North Carolina

      Its an easy process the most common mistake for those coloring their hair is getting a developer stronger than what is needed and over processing. Let me know how it goes!

    • E Lynne Campbell profile image

      Erika Lynne Campbell 

      18 months ago from Atlanta, GA

      Good information. I am transitioning back to my natural curl pattern, and eventually I want to lighten my hair. I want to be able to color at home.


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