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Hair Confession ... Split, Stiff Hair

Updated on May 19, 2017

Hair cuticles are the outer layer of the hair shaft. Prone to damage if not treated properly. Most common cause of damaged hair cuticles is over-treating with heat. Fragile hair cuticles lead to the hair clubbing, non-living hair, or shredding too often. Applying heat to the hair cuticle too often can cause frizzy or stiff cuticles. In the rare occasion, heat damage occurs here are a few techniques and tips to repair the hair cuticles.

Avoiding this horrible trend means lessening the amount of heat applied when styling and knowing the weather climates. The weather climates affect the hair in various forms. An average person wearing their hair straight in extremely hot weather, the heat can cause frizz or the hair to poof.

Hair cutting scissors
Hair cutting scissors

Cutting the damage cuticles is a quick fix. Typically, when cutting it is good to cut a half inch to inch of where the damage appears. It does not matter if the hair is dry or wet. Cutting hair cuticle when the hair is dried gives more room for knowing what is damage. Wet hair cuticle cut if not professionally done can lead to a new hairstyle.

Cut down on washing the hair. Shampoos help remove dead skin and product buildup. The liquid substance is an excellent tool to use when time is available. Dry shampoo is one of the most popular forms of shampoo since hitting the shelves. It is better to cut down not cut out shampooing. Avoid shampoos stripping the hair of its moisture. These shampoos are harmful to the health of the hair, it gives room for dryness and breakage. Washing the hair twice a week every three weeks gives the hair more time to relax and stay moisturize. Organic shampoos help with sealing moisture in the shampoo. Keeping the hair healthy is necessary while washing. Always follow up with a conditioner to put any stripped moisturizers back into the hair.

Condition! Condition! Condition! Hair conditioner repairs damaged, dry, fine, and normal hair. There is no harm to swap out shampoo for conditioner. The conditioner will change the appearance and texture of the hair by hydrating and soothing. Intense conditioning methods repairs damaged hair cuticles by penetrating and hydrating. Any intense hair conditioning applied needs to be cover with a cap and placed under a blow dryer. Deep conditioning is the perfect method to get the hair soft and strong. Overnight conditioning is great when first cutting back on washing hair. The overnight condition allows heat to build up and conditioner to hair more than enough time to work throughout the hair roots and shaft.

Oil for the hair
Oil for the hair

Oils instead of grease. Instead of using a grease form like Blue Magic to prevent heat damage when blow drying or straightening use an oil. ORS Olive Oil has heat serum in an oil base form. Using grease is an absolute must use Coconut Oil Grease. Doubling the routine set in place will better the hair rather than causing more damage. Conceal the oil used by brushing or combing the oil thoroughly and styling in braids or a hair wrap. Time is sometimes challenging coming by easily work this routine twice a day three times a week.

Air dry. Air drying the hair before applying a blow drying means less time for heat to penetrate. To get the best out of air drying section the hair and comb each section. After the hair is half way dry take a blow dryer apply the medium low setting and stretch and blow dry the hair.

Make sure the hair is fully blow dried, so when applying a flat iron or curling wand the pass through will only be needed once. Doubling or tripling the pass through with the heating iron or wand may lead to more heat damage. Find heatless hair styles to give the hair a break from the constant heat. Protecting the hair cuticles is important to healthy hair. Flat irons, curling wands, and blow dryers are not the only way to damage hair cuticles. Extreme weather exposure can cause the hair to become damaged. Styling the hair accordingly will be beneficial to the hair health. The overall health of the body may lead to hair damaging as well.


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