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Harry Potter Apparel - Buy Harry Potter Clothing Online

Updated on March 14, 2011

Harry Potter is a global phenomena; I bet you'd be hard-pressed to find someone, who grew up in the 90's, or who had a child who grew up in the 90's, that hasn't heard of Harry Potter. It's part of our culture - the story, the characters, the design of it all.

It all makes it kinda sad that the biggest influence on the phenomena, the movies, is about to come to an end. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 is set to be released in late November, with Part 2 coming in July the following year; in other words the final chapter of the Harry Potter world is coming to an end.

The good thing about this is that even though the movies will end won't mean that the story of Harry Potter will as well. The Harry Potter books will be published for as long as we live; the movies will be remastered and released; and the merchandise will continue to grow and expand.

That's where Harry Potter apparel comes in. The official Harry Potter apparel covers a wide range of clothing, from Harry Potter sweaters to Harry Potter Jackets. Even if the movies can't live on, the Harry Potter clothing that you wear will.


Harry Potter Clothing

Christmas is right around the corner which means it's the perfect time for you to buy Harry Potter clothing. The clothing is available for both boys and girls and of all ages; in fact some of the best selling Harry Potter apparel is for adults.

The following is available:

  • Harry Potter Sweatshirt
  • Harry Potter Tee Shirts
  • Harry Potter Sweater
  • Harry Potter Shirts
  • Harry Potter Underwear
  • Harry Potter Pajamas
  • Harry Potter Socks
  • Harry Potter Jacket

Buy Harry Potter Sweatshirt

Harry Potter Sweatshirts and Hoodie

One of the comfiest clothes on the planet is the sweatshirt.  What makes such a good piece of clothing better?  When it embodies Harry Potter of course. 

The selection for Harry Potter sweatshirts is fairly limited; many of the sweatshirts just feature one color with the words Harry Potter somewhere stitched on.  The majority of Harry Potter fan sweatshirts are made of cotton an have double-needle stitched neckline and armholes.

Harry Potter Hoodies have a bit more selection due to their ability to be more creative.  Most Harry Potter Hoodies are zip-up hoodies, with official Harry Potter lettering and colors.

Harry Potter Shirts

The biggest selection for Harry Potter apparel is by far Harry Potter tee shirts.  The range of Harry Potter shirts is much larger than, say, hoodies, making them some of the best selling Harry Potter clothing. 

You can buy Harry Potter Tees that feature design from the four houses, Gryfinddor, Hufflepuff, Slytherine, and Ravenclaw.  The shirts are full of color and logos from the official Harry Potter apparel making them an excellent choice to buy. 

The newest Harry Potter shirts are the ones that feature Deathly Hallows designs.  These are, in my opinion, the coolest out of all Harry Potter t-shirts.  The imagery is darker and more subdued, leaving more to the imagination. 

Buy Harry Potter Beanie

Harry Potter Beanies

With winter approaching it's best to keep your head warm.  What better way to do it than with Harry Potter Beanies.  

Harry Potter Beanies are one of the best selling of any Harry Potter clothing and rightly so.  They come in every houses color and are warm and very fitting. 


No longer new, Harry Potter is still beloved worldwide.
No longer new, Harry Potter is still beloved worldwide. | Source

More Harry Potter Apparel

The amount of Harry Potter apparel availble is overwhelming.  You could spend days looking through it all and still be undecided in the end.  Therefore it's best, sometimes, to take other advice.

Check out the bestselling Harry Potter clothing 2010. 

Are you buying Harry Potter Apparel Online?

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