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Profitable Jewelry Making Parties Ideas

Updated on March 11, 2016
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Stacie L became a DIYer for many reasons—mostly to save money. She has tips that she has used herself to help with your DIY projects.

Jewelry Making Home Party

If you like to make beaded jewelry, you’ll probably know others that do too. Making bracelets,necklaces and rings are becoming a very popular theme party idea!

This is not the typical home jewelry party where you are expected to buy a piece of costume jewelry. No; it’s a lot more fun and imaginative. Guests are introduced to all types of jewelry items. The captive audience gets to experience the newest products on the market for hobbyists’ and crafters on all levels.


The very first thing you need to do is to invite people. Make up invitations and either email them, hand them out or send them in the mail.

Don't worry about the supplies because the jewelry teacher will bring them. They should also have some snacks for the guests who attend the host's home. The party host allows the jewelry maker to set up a “party” atmosphere of making jewelry for the guests to keep. In return for use of the home, the host usually receives a percentage of the profits from sales.

Tools for jewelry making


Play Games for Prizes at Jewelry Making party

Guests and friends are invited to partake in games, raffles and participate in a jewelry making lesson. Assortments of beads, ranging from acrylic, crystal, ceramic, semi-precious and sometimes precious gemstone beads are used. There is a charge to participate and to cover expenses. A modest $5.00 raffle is usually charged, but there could be differing amounts, depending on how large the “party” is, the material the jewelry is made from, and the guest’s wallets.

There can be variations of party favorite games such as pinning the tail on the donkey, to “Pinning the Necklace on the Woman”. or pinning the bracelet or ring or belly ring, etc. Your imagination is all that’s needed!

Another one I made up was a variation of a ring toss game. Put a piece of jewelry in a large glass Mason jar and have players throw the plastic ring on it to win. Blindfold the player and the one who comes closest to pinning the necklace the neck of the woman in the poster, wins the necklace. There are endless games to play for jewelry. I know some of my readers can come up with a few more.

Play Pin the tail Jewelry party

pin tail on donkey
pin tail on donkey

Raffle for Jewelry Making Party

Everyone likes to have a chance at winning something; that's why lotteries are so popular. A raffle or drawing is set up to win a bracelet or necklace that the jewelry teacher made.

Tables are set up and the supplies are usually in containers. Other items that may be jewelry wire, pliers, wire cutters, tape and other jewelry equipment.

I’ve attended jewelry parties that raffled diamond necklaces and the raffle was $100.00!

This makes a great incentive for the students. It also helps to make money and create interest in the jewelry owners’ shop or services. And finally the host wins a little admiration from her friends for giving them such a fun evening.

Easy Bracelet Tutorial

Kids like Jewelry Parties Too

Little girls love to dress up like mommy too. Girls jewelry making parties are always a hit. The party atmosphere is great for making and selling jewelry at girls birthdays. Be sure to let the parents know in advance that the party will have some optional expense if the child wants to make jewelry and take it home with her.

The pin the tail on the donkey event can be used as well to give a prize to the one that gets closest to the donkey as possible.

How to Make Simple Beaded Necklace

After the jewelry making party

After the party, guests can sign up for classes in the store owners shop or allow the jewelry teacher to throw a party at their home.

There are jewelry stores that have beading classes. The shopper will buy a pre-priced lesson and sit at a table with other shoppers to learn how to make a particular jewelry item. They could come in each week to learn a new technique, as the lessons become more involved. There’s nothing like seeing the work in person and the interaction with the teacher. Video lessons are not always helpful.

So there you have it; throw a jewelry making party today for your adult friends or even kids!Jewelry making parties are fun and profitable too.

Good luck and enjoy the process.

Jewelry Party Ideas

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