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Have flat nothingburger hair that needs to get great and stay great? Redken to the rescue!

Updated on April 7, 2016

So many times in your life, you get an important invitation to go out in just a few minutes, yet you turn it down because your hair is a flat mess? Have you ever:

  • Turned down a date
  • Refused to go to a party
  • Said no to business networking events

Maybe you were at the gym or just lounging around the house. If you looked at your watch and realized there was no time for the shampoo/condition/blow-dry/style routine, you probably passed on the opportunity rather than go through a public bad hair day. But isn't it time you got back in the game?

What if you could have gorgeous, full hair in just a few minutes? Now there's Redken to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

This is how I took sick bed hair (Honestly! I was in bed for days and couldn't stand up long enough to do the whole hair routine.) to full, publicly presentable and selfie-ready in just a few minutes.

First, I sprinkled a few drops of water on my hair and hit it with an ionic hairdryer upside down for just a minute, to redirect strands that had gone in crazy directions.

Fashion Wave 07 Sea Salt Spray - This product -- unlike many of its competitors' -- is unscented. This allows you to effect a certain style without announcing to the whole room, "I've got a beach spray in!".

You shake the spray bottle well, then spray on wet or dry hair for that "beachy" texture. In this case, my hair was dry. I scrunched it up a bit to enhance my natural waves.

Once you have your style set, how can you ensure that you keep that look without going through fuss? Pillow Proof blow dry two day extender oil absorbing dry shampoo will give you some breathing room before having to wash your hair again. Also, right after you've done your sea spray style, you can spray a bit underneath your hair, brush, and get a more va-va-voom version of your 'do.

This spray is a very light aerosol. Redken still advises you to brush it out well, but I didn't see any white flakes. Heading back to bed rest, my hair still looked quite presentable -- even before I brushed it. You don't get that oily flatness that time tends to impart.

You can purchase these products at authorized Redken salons, which you can locate HERE.


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