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He Deserves a Casio G-Shock GWN-Q1000

Updated on May 27, 2017
Photo Credit: All Photos in this article are mine
Photo Credit: All Photos in this article are mine

Why Casio G-Shock GWN-Q1000

Yesterday, my husband was too excited because he finally received the Casio G-Shock GWN-Q1000 that he purchased from Amazon after it get stuck in the customs for several days. He spent few days (and even nights, staying awake late) researching on different G-shock watches, compared its prices and features, chatted with several online sellers, watched several YouTube presentations before he finally settled for this item.

For me that I am not into pricey watches, I wondered why he picked a watched and spent a thousand dollars, including shipping and taxes. Asked why, he said: "It has all the great attributes of G-Shock watches plus breakthrough features which other G-shocks do not have. That is why it is called the Master of G-shock." He then started enumerating the distinct features of this watch starting from the fact that it is the only G-shock watch with quad sensor followed with other details but my brain cannot catch up because I am more of a visual learner than an auditory learner. So then, I requested him to join me in consulting "Mr. G," I mean "Google" to read on what is interesting about this watch. He highlighted what grabbed his attention. We spent a couple of hours discussing and I'm outlining it here.

Photos here are mine.

Closer Look at G-Shock GWN-Q1000

Down to Three G-Shocks: Mud Master GWG1000, Gravity Master GPW1000 and G-Shock GWN-Q1000

His old watch was also G-Shock but the wrist band or strap was torn due to long period of use and when we wanted to purchase a replacement for the band, the Casio service center in my city informed us that we have to purchase it online in their website. Our concern is that we will receive it after three to six months. Whoa! This led him to look for the newer G-Shock options. At first, he read through different models and painstakingly read through the product description of each. Then, these three were shortlisted:

  • Mud Master GWG1000,
  • Gravity Master GPW100 and
  • G-Shock GWN-Q1000

All of these models are top/latest of the line in their respective categories. Depending on your priorities or perhaps, your occupation, you may be choosing one over the other.

Below, I tabulated the features that my husband considered. Note that not all the features of these three watches are included in the table I made. If you want to have a more comprehensive comparison, visit Amazon and check the product description for each watch.

Mud Master GWG1000, Gravity Master GPW100 and G-Shock GWN-Q1000 Comparison

Mud Master GWG1000
Gravity Master GPW100
Sunrise/Sunset Data
Sapphire Crystal
GPS Hybrid TImekeeping
119 g
126 g

Decisive Features

So what made him pick G-Shock Gulfmaster GWN-Q1000? As shown in the table above, it has all features that is useful for him. One feature of Mudmaster series that is not present in the other two is its mud and dust resistant feature. But, this for him is not important because his profession does not require him to work in a muddy or dusty environment. He needs the digital compass, the moon data, sunrise and sunset display. He also want the tide indicator feature of Gulfmaster model.

Gravity Master GPW-1000 has a distinctive feature not present in the other two watches that we are comparing here. It is its GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor feature. What is it for? In simplified terms, this feature is a back up feature to the multi band radio reception of the watch. It enables the watch to receive GPS satellite signal in situations where the multi band radio reception fails. Well, this feature is perhaps important for pilots or for navigators who are also out of the grid searching or exploring.

Tough Solar Power System

Charge G-Shock GWN-Q1000 fully with solar power and you can have it continuously working for the next twenty three months under the power saving mode.

Charging it with the Sun

The Very First

Of all the Gulfmaster models, only GWN-Q1000

has sunrise and sunset data

and more importantly,

it is the very first of the Gulfmaster series

that is made of sapphire crystal

In Short

GWN-Q1000-1AJF is the piece for one who is looking for a watch that has multi functions giving the user data or information in a sea environment. It is crafted to be the best piece for seafarers. Durability, comfort and ease in using it plus the added feature of solar-charging system that will enable it to work for a long time make it stand out compared to the other G-Shock models.

Black or White GWN-Q1000?

After settling for GWN-Q1000, the tougher question is either to buy

  • GWN-Q1000-1AJF or
  • GWN-Q1000-7AJF

Now, that is more of fashionable taste or color preference than the technical feature of the watch. The main difference between these two is the color of the wrist band or watch strap because the color of the bezel for both watches is blue. Now, the first one is black while the second one is white. In addition, for 1AJF, the digital display is negative display while for 7AJF, it is positive display.

Look at the photo below carefully and compare.


Second Look at GWN-Q1000-1AJF

Look at them side by side to check which fits perfectly on your wrist.

Consider also the digital display. As already stated earlier, there is a difference. The 1AJF digital display panel is black so the figures are white. It is the reverse for the 7AJF - the panel is light so the figures are black in color.

The Manual

One thing I dislike with watches that are complicated is reading the manual before even using it. The settings are complicated. The manual of GWN-Q1000-1AJF is like a mini booklet. Whoa! I already spent hours trying to understand this watch. Reading the manual is a head ache because the prints are really small. Its a relief that the manual can be downloaded online.

Double Buckle Tongue

See the strap of his watch? It has two buckle tongue. My son was intrigue about it because the old G-Shock of my husband, just like what is common in other watches, has only one buckle tongue. My son asked why it has two. Obviously, it makes the strap more stable and securely adhered when it is affixed in the adjustment holes.

Cost Limit

What cost are you willing to pay for a watch?

See results

Is it Worth it?

After all those efforts learning more about this watch and knowing more about the different parts of watches and its functions, is it worth it to pay for this pricey piece? I abstain to answer this question because as I already said in the beginning, I am not into watches. I do not even wear watches. During family occasions or important events of the year, I sometimes give watches as gifts to my friends, sister and my mother but I buy a cheaper fashionable option like a charm watches or fashionable watches like the one featured below.

Fashionable Watch

Anne Klein Women's AK/2238RGST Swarovski Crystal-Accented Rose Gold-Tone Bangle Watch and Bracelet Set
Anne Klein Women's AK/2238RGST Swarovski Crystal-Accented Rose Gold-Tone Bangle Watch and Bracelet Set

Watch for me is not one that will measure altitude or pressure or serve as GPS, Barometer or Thermometer. A watch for me is a timekeeper and a hand accessory. Thus, I would rather opt for one like this crystal accented rose gold with bracelets. It looks so fashionable.


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