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Health Benefits of Rose Oil

Updated on January 4, 2017

Rose oil is the base of all perfumes we use today, not only that, but a great use for beauty!

People now and many civilizations ago have found great uses of the rose hip. It carries its value in many forms and people have found a couple of different ways of applying it to their daily routine.

These four products I was able to buy from the land of roses in Europe,Bulgaria. Bulgaria has the largest Rose Valley and the most nutrient soil for growing them. It  is also the worlds richest rose oil provider to all countries!
These four products I was able to buy from the land of roses in Europe,Bulgaria. Bulgaria has the largest Rose Valley and the most nutrient soil for growing them. It is also the worlds richest rose oil provider to all countries!

Benefiting From Rose Oil

Rose oil brings many benefits to your everyday routine. In my case I use rose oil for a calming and anti-inflammatory lotion/serum before bed and before my makeup routine every morning.They also offer rose oil as an oil form, lotion, hand cream, tea form, vitamin, and in the form of a perfume base. Many uses of the rose hip followed with recipes can cover all of your skin care routines.

How I use my rose oil for my beauty routine,

It works wonders when it is applied as a base, actually improves your skin complexion. Here are some ways you can apply it.

* Before bed on a clean face, spritz rose water on your face and neck.

*In the morning before your makeup routine, spray onto the face and let it dry on before applying your moisturizer.

* For an easier application, put rose oil in your moisturizer to smooth it on easier onto your face.

*Drip a couple drops of your rose oil in your favorite perfume to make last longer.

*Use it as a perfume if you are allergic or your skin gets inflamed easily. Dab a little on neck,inner elbows, and in back of neck.

*Use on your make up blender for stippling foundation. Drop rose oil onto the blender when you are patting it in to have a seamless application.

*Put rose oil on an inflamed cut to dissolve the bacteria and soothe.

*Massages work great with rose oil as well!

*Use rose oil as a hair mask on your ends, not on roots because it'll get to oily.

10 Reasons to Use Rose Oil

1) Anti-Flammatory

2) Anti-Bacterial

3) Antioxidants

4) Moisturizing

5) Fragrance

6) Relaxing

7) Toning

8) Skin glow

9) Cleanser

10) Face and body mist

Rose Mask

Before you start, buy a pack of fresh rose petals or a small bouquet to use. You can also buy rose water to pat on to face to add on to your routine. Always steam your face before you begin and apply the mask on your face, apply a generous, thick amount. Here are some of my favorite brands of Rose Masks

*LUSH Cosmetics Rose Mask

*Anthropologie Herbivore Botanical Clay Mask

*SHEA MOISTURE -Peace Rose Oil Complex, sensitive skin mud mask

Have you used Rose Oil before?

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    • vesselinaadrianna profile imageAUTHOR

      Vesselina Raltcheva 

      2 years ago from San Diego, CA

      it has so many options !! I always keep it around house:)

    • The Honest Mommy profile image


      2 years ago from San Antonio, Texas

      I LOVE rose oil!! I use it for sun burns and bug bites too :)


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