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Healthy Hair Secrets

Updated on March 27, 2013

Myths And Truths About Hair

There are many misconceptions about what makes hair healthy. Being a licensed cosmetologist for the last twenty two years I have heard a lot of people's opinions about what makes hair grow and what makes hair unhealthy. Some people seem to think that hair grease grows your hair, there are people that think making a raw egg or mayonnaise conditioners will grow hair and some even think that vitamins will grow hair. There are even people that seem to think that some people's hands are unhealthy when it comes to hair growth. Today I would love to set the record straight.

What Makes Hair Healthy

Eating healthy (including vitamin supplements with biotin)-a poor diet will cause hair loss

Brushing the scalp=scalp manipulations or massage-stimulates the blood flow promoting hair growth

Keep your hair conditioned-hair conditioners coat the hair shaft for a short period of time making the hair more manageable and making the chance of hair breakage decrease

When styling African American hair, a moisturizer should be added even if it is very light because our hair is very dry and will break.

Regular hair appointments-if your hair is chemically treated with perms, relaxers, cold waves, hair color etc.. make sure you get your retouches on time-if not there will be hair breakage and damage

Hair chemicals should be given at their proper time-a permanent hair color and a perm or relaxer should never be given at the same time. There needs to be a two week waiting period.

Keeping the hair trimmed on a regular basis-split ends if left uncut will cause the entire head of hair to be damaged

Keeping hair clean-hair that is not clean will cause hair breakage-the scalp must be kept clean so that hair can freely grow through the hair follicle

What Causes Hair Damage

Combing or brushing the hair too often will break hair

Hair braids-braiding the hair too tight will cause hair breakage

Heat-using too much heat to often will cause damage to the hair

Not properly using products-not following the instructions of products carefully

Harsh treatment of hair-the hair should be cared for in a gentle manner-not too rough

The use of rubber bands-using rubber bands too tight on hair will cause hair breakage

Over processed hair-using chemicals too frequently-using chemicals that are too strong for hair

Using harsh products-using products that are too harsh on hair like spritz and other products containing alcohol that are very drying to hair-combing hair with spritz or gel in it before washing the hair or leaving them in too long

Doing your hair yourself or allowing an untrained person to care for your hair-trained professionals know correct processing times and techniques required to maintain healthy hair

Myths or Truths

Does hair grease grow? No-Hair grease will only grow your hair if it contains herbs or other natural ingredients in it that promote hair growth like rosemary and sage. However hair grease on African American hair does serve as an lubricant and will help prevent hair breakage.

Do raw egg conditioners grow your hair? Eggs are a natural source of protein and can be ingested or used externally to promote hair growth. The protein found in eggs can be used to help the hair grow by increasing the strength of the hair follicle by repairing any damage from heat or chemicals.

Do mayonnaise hair conditioners grow your hair? When you treat your hair with mayonnaise, you get the benefit of L-cysteine-an amino acid and antioxidant found in eggs that can give your hair strength, shine and structure.

My opinion concerning a person with unhealthy hands when it comes to hair growth is the same thing I feel about some people being able to grow a garden. I would not allow just any one to care for my hair.

The truth is that there are just as many ways to keep hair healthy as there are to cause damage to hair. With proper care hair will not only grow but have a healthy shiny appearance and feel like healthy hair should.

Healthy Or Not

Is your hair healthy?

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