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How to Create Hello Kitty Nail Art

Updated on July 30, 2012

Hello Kitty is one of the cutest and no wonder, the most popular icon now. This article outlines you all the Hello Kitty nail art ideas, step by step on how to do Hello Kitty Nails, things you will need to achieve the look.

Hello Kitty nail art is for those cute fun loving girls out there, you can wear them when you are just hanging out with your girls, it looks super casual and cutesy.
So, lets go ahead and get started on how to get you Hello Kitty nails, shall we ?

Things you will need

1. Base Coat - To protect your nails.

2. Red and White Nail polish - Since the Hello Kitty theme usually has red and white, you can opt it. Or Red and pink also works. It all depends on your choice , you can even opt a single color for Stamped Hello Kitty Nail Look that I am going to explain down below
3. Yellow Nail Polish - For the cute nose and a Black nail polish /nail paint

4. Dotting tool

5. Liner brush

6. Hello Kitty Nail Decals if you would rather stamp the hello kitty face on to your nails

7. Top Coat.

This hub is going to outline 2 methods of creating hello Kitty Nail Art - Hello Kitty French Nails and a Simple Hello Kitty Nail Art

Nail Polish for Hello Kitty Nail Art


Hello Kitty Nail Art on French Manicured Nails

1. Paint your nails with base coat to protect your nails

2. Create French Nails by painting the top part with white nail polish. A way to do this is with Konad French Design tip Stamp where you can easily stamp white border. Just apply the white polish onto the image plate, take the Nail Plate Art Stamp and press it on the image plate over the polish so that it takes in some amount of polish. Now roll your finger nail over the stamp so that you get a french nail.

The design depends on your choice, you can paint french nails with white color or use different colors like red,white and black

3. Now, you are gonna take the dotting tool, dip it in white nail polish and create polka dots over the nails.

4. Now its time to draw the Hello Kitty. Its simple.Just 3 steps : Draw two vertically oval dots as eyes (with black polish ) ,

Draw a single horizontally oval with yellow nail polish for nose, draw 3 whiskers on either side with a liner brush.
I told you, its easy!!

5. Now, for the bow. You can do it with a small dotting tool. Draw a central oval with the dotting tool. Make two lines emerging from the dot on a side. Join them to form a traingle . Repeat on the other side. You now have a bow.

Draw the bow with red nail polish and after it dries up, outline it with a black polish to get a 3d like effect.

6. And you are done. Apply a top coat to prevent your nails from chipping away


Simple Hello Kitty Nail Art

This is a relatively simpler technique. It doesn't need you to have all the nail art tools and complicated designed.
What you will need:

1. A base coat
2. Nail polih of your choice
3. Hello Kitty Image Plate and Nail Art Stamper (or)
Hello Kitty Nail Art Decal
4. Top Coat.

1. Start with applying a base coat.

2. Apply the nail polish of your choice.

3. If you have a Hello Kitty Image Plate and Nail Art Stamper : Now, take a contrasting or complimentary color of your choice and apply it over the image plate (In the picture, white was chosen) . Load the nail art stamper by pressing it over the image plate. Roll your finger nail over the stamp to get the design. Repeat it if you like.

If you have Nail Art Decal,
Then apply some nail glue over your nail and put the decal over the nail and press it with a tweezer.

4. Allow it to dry and finish off with a top coat.

I hope this tutorial was useful to you. A warm thank you for valk-onrock, krol and invisblewombat for allowing me to share their beautiful work.


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    • profile image

      pretty 5 years ago

      i love hello kitty a huge fann

    • BeautyAndTheRest profile image

      BeautyAndTheRest 5 years ago

      Thank you so much. Personally I just love how these nails are so easy to do. Easy and casual ! :)

    • Emeraldgreen21 profile image

      Atell Rohlandt 5 years ago from South Africa

      Great hub. I'm not a huge hello kitty fan, but those designs are stunning. :-)