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Hello Kitty Pirate Stuff

Updated on February 24, 2013

I love my new hello kitty pirate tshirt

Yes. I am 33 years old and I love wearing my Hello Kitty pirate tshirt. In fact, I am such a geek about that shirt I am very protective of it. Hello Kitty is kitschy and funny and reminds me of my childhood. There's something so ironic about her cute and innocent cat head with an eye patch on it...

Am I overthinking the whole thing? I don't know. You might think so. But I love that cute little tshirt so much ... I feel liking the shirt is more important than why I like it.

White Hello Kitty Pirate Tshirt

Reasons why I love my Hello Kitty Pirate Tshirt

Since I'm on the topic, I thought I'd list all the reasons why I love it.

  • Wearing it with skirts. My favorite summer outfit is a frilly, feminine skirt with crazy tshirts. The Hello Kitty Pirate tshirt fits with my wardrobe and goes great with my red flamenco skirt.
  • Great bedtime outfit. I wear tshirts to bed. This one is particularly comfy!
  • Hello Kitty is an icon. I consider Hello Kitty stuff to be so much a part of pop culture... adults can enjoy it too!
  • Variety of colors. I bought mine in black. What's your favorite color? If it is piratey enough you'll probably be able to find it with this pattern!

More Hello Kitty Pirate Stuff

You'll be happy to know that the Hello Kitty Pirate product line includes more than just tshirts and tank tops. There are also wallets and even necklaces. I think a Hello Kitty Pirate necklace may have just made it onto my wish list! What types of things do you like to buy with hello kitty's iconic head on it?

Hello Kitty Inspired Makeup


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    • kohuether profile image

      Katherine Olga Tsoukalas 5 years ago from New Hampshire

      Me too! It was brilliant for them to merge the idea.

    • Christy Kirwan profile image

      Christy Kirwan 5 years ago from San Francisco

      Hello Kitty and pirates: two things I LOVE! Cute Hub!