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Hello, Lurking Men In Lingerie

Updated on January 30, 2010

One of the most interesting aspects of the man who wears lingerie is his capacity for stealth. It's hard to gather relevant statistical facts on this issue, so I'll just make them up and say that 50% of men who wear lingerie do so secretly.

After all, lingerie is easy to hide. It can be easily hidden under everyday clothing, it can be crumpled up and shoved into wall crevices, it can be discarded under the bed and be the probably cause for divorce proceedings in which one's significant other accuses one of cheating on her with a larger woman.

It's a sordid fact that 99.99999% (I made that statistic up too, it's easy once you start!) of men who follow these humble articles of mine will forever lurk silently in the depths of cyberspace. Well guys, this article is for you. I see you. Well, I don't 'see' you at all. I meant that more in the 'Avatar' sense of 'I see you,' you know, that kind of half charming, half cloying way of saying that you see the essence of a person. I may not see the essences of all that you are, but I see your lurking lingerie selves, and I encourage you to bring the crouching panties of your dreams to light. (Two movie references in two sentences. Fancy that. I'm practically in the running to become the E! Channel's next addled consultant.)

Of course, if you're not comfortable bringing your lingerie clad self to light, there's nothing wrong with that either. Though I always encourage men in relationships to share their love of lingerie with their partners in the name of greater sharing, closeness and intimacy; because there's a very real chance that hidden lingerie can cause a rift in a relationship that will never be healed, at the end of the day we live and we die with ourselves.

We can share in moments with others, but contrary to the old literary line, all men are islands if they so desire to be, in fact, one could say that it is necessary for every man to have some part of himself that is sacred and separate from the world, a part of himself that exists only for his own pleasure and which is not subjected to the demands of the world of the known.

We spend a great deal of time wastefully trying to prove ourselves to others and to the world. Because Western society is typically aspirational, it's easy to become suckered into the idea that we fail if others fail to approve of us.

Well to hell with that ideology. We need neither approval nor permission from others to be who we truly are. If you are a man who wears lingerie in secret, enjoy the special joy for what it is.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I love to slip into my panties and panty hose each morning and can't wait for night to come so I can change into my long nylon nightgown. So girly and so wonderful. . .

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      As a happy single guy I don't have a SO to share my choice of undies with. But my male dressing lesbian friend at work certainly knows and possibly one other woman there. Of course, they also know about my bralette wearing too since when I started wearing to work I asked them if there was any showthrough.

      The only other people who might know are the hundreds of people at the clothing optional beach who may have seen them as I transitioned from dressed to undressed on my visits over the years.


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