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Helzberg's Expressions Charm Bracelet

Updated on November 10, 2013
Helzberg Photo
Helzberg Photo | Source
8 1/4" SS Snake Lobster Claw Bracelet
8 1/4" SS Snake Lobster Claw Bracelet
Expression Collection Charm Bracelet
Expression Collection Charm Bracelet

As a huge fan of Charm bracelets for more than thirty years, I wanted to use this opportunity to tell you charm lovers, about Helzberg Diamonds new Expression Collection. This lovely collection approximately features a hundred individual, Italian-made, sterling silver and glass beads and charms. Recently I purchased two this Christmas Season, one as a gift and one as a gift to myself. It was a great hit for my stepdaughter's birthday present, and even more so when I received one too.

Marrisa is a woman with everything, and since her birthday is on December 24, it is hard to find you a gift she will enjoy. However, last December Helzberg Diamonds is located right next to my hair salon, in the mall where I shop. As I was passing by the store, in one of their showcases, I noticed a couple of lovely charm bracelets all put together. Well as soon as I saw them, I knew I had hit the jackpot.

Since the charms are so reasonably priced, I started her out with a total of five charms: two stoppers and three individual glass charms. The three individual, glass beads were put in the center and a stopper was then put on either end of the bracelet, on the outside edge of the last bead. This way the stoppers would stop the glass beads from sliding around, and secure them in their rightful place. Helzberg's actually recommends buying two stoppers for this very purpose. It will prevent your charms from sliding off, when you open the clasp to take your bracelet off.

Helzbergā€™s build your own bracelet website (see link above) allows you to build your own bracelet, necklace, keychain or earrings sets. It is a convenient way to choose your starter piece and get ideas on what you would like to create. What I love so much about this collection is that, it is not overly priced. Another great feature occurs when you start to build your own look. Automatically the system will start keeping track of the cost of each item you have selected for you. That way there can be no hidden surprises waiting in the end. So let the fun begin!

Made available for your needs, Helzberg also offers two different sizes and two different styles of sterling silver bracelets. One with a lobster claw clasp (like I bought), and one in a toggle style. It has been my discovery that toggle clasps are not the best choice for large or heavy charm bracelets. I recommend using the lobster claw.

I have never personally seen the keychain that is offered in this collection, but I love the dangle earring set that has been designed to except charms as well. The necklace offered in this collection is similar to that of the snake bracelet style shown above, but of course, it is offered in a longer length.

I am very comfortable with the style and fit of this collection. More importantly, is the high standards, and well-manufactured quality that stands out for me. The bracelets are built for housing a baker's dozen set of charms, without any danger of being weaken by the excess weight.


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  • IntimatEvolution profile image

    Julie Grimes 7 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    Hi Dream, I not sure. Try online.

  • profile image

    DreamOnNH 7 years ago

    I am looking for the keychain...3 specifically. Any idea where to get them? I guess they have been discontinued and cannot even be special ordered anymore.