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Hibiscus Oil: How it can help you

Updated on June 7, 2012

The Hibiscus Flower is best known in Tropical environments, its beautiful and has an endless variety of colors and sizes. The Hibiscus has been used for health and beauty for a long time by herbalists, treating Flu symptoms, helping with digestion and urination and even some beauty regimens.

Hibiscus Oil is also easy to make yourself at home, as long as you have the flowers ready and on hand. If you would like to make your own essential oil I recommend using a few cups of sesame or Coconut oil and a handful of the flowers. Once you have placed the oil and the flowers into a pot add a small amount of water and bring to a boil. Once all the water has evaporated and the flowers have fully cooked down you strain the mixture until you are left with pure oil. Once the oil is cooled you can place it into a perfume bottle. Doing this yourself is a great idea, you can fill up quite a few small bottles, giving it away as a perfume or selling it at art shows listing all the useful properties. It has a light tropical smell and most find it a pleasant scent that isn't overwhelming.

Hibiscus Oil and its uses:

1. Hair Growth- Hibiscus Oil can help with hair growth, the natural vitamins stimulate the scalp also helping with dandruff.. the oils can sometimes darken the hair to a burgundy color, so be careful.Though, when mixed with a base conditioner, it works as a deep conditioning treatment for dry and damaged hair.

2. Cellulite- Rub oil onto affected area's it helps smooth the skin remove the waist from the cells.

3. Shoe polish- you can use the actual petals of the hibiscus to polish shoes, or you can use a towel with a few drops of the oil. The natural tint of the oils is a brownish black color.

4. Contraceptive- Some tribes of Jamaica are known to use the oils of a hibiscus flower for abortions. Though I definitely do not advise going this route, especially when we have free clinics with doctor's.

5. Herbal Tea- when dried, many Jamaican tribes drink the tea made from this flower, as it is packed with nutrients and vitamins.

6. Disease Prevention- When eaten, the buds from the white hibiscus can cure/prevent most diseases. It is advised to eat the buds on an empty stomach, early in the morning.

7. Improve Digestion- Eating the flower by itself will improve your digestion. In Hawaii this is a common practice before or after meals, as also practiced by Jamaicans.

8. Bruises- place the bottle of oil in hot water for 3-5 minutes and then gently rub over any bruising, it will help speed up the healing process.

9. Boils and cracked feet- When heating the leaves of this flower and placing over cracked feet or boils it helps soften the skin, speeding up the maturation process.

10. Drinks - In many countries such as Mexico and Jamaica, this flower is used to make juices, soft drinks and even some alcoholic beverages.

11. Coughs, sore throats and congestion- When making hibiscus tea using the dried flowers, inhale the steam while drinking the tea, it will sooth a sore throat, clear up congestion and the vitamins and minerals in the tea will help the body fight the cold.

There are so many endless uses for this flower and its oils.. I chose the top uses, but I am posting links to the sites that go more in depth for this flower. Check them out and see all the other uses. If you live in a warm climate plant a hibiscus plant, within 6 months you can be creating natural shampoo's, or making your own oil. Not only is a beautiful flower, it is practical in everyday life.


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    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 5 years ago from sunny Florida

      Hi, I had no idea. I have loved and cared for these beauties for many years and did not know this. So now that I have read your very informative article, I will give some of these a try.

      I am posting this on my hub about growing hibiscus. I just wanted to give you a also pinning so others will know this too. This is the link where I have added your hub. Thank you for sharing with us.

    • Lyria profile image

      Lyria 5 years ago

      Great info! The section on the oil's usage is very useful. I didn't know anything about it prior to reading your article.