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High Heeled Rubber Boots

Updated on August 24, 2010

The high heel is much maligned for being a back-killing, frivolous piece of attire that is entirely impractical and can only lead to a premature death caused by crumbling ankles. In many respects, detractors of high heels are right. High heels do tend to cause back pain and posture problems, and they're almost guaranteed to fail when you need them most. I don't think any of us have forgotten how much poor Britney Spears' comeback performance was ruined by a shoddy high heel that broke, almost ending her career entirely.

But there is one style of footwear where a little bit of a heel need not detract from the immense practicality of the shoe at hand, and that, my dearest fashion friends, is in the case of the high heeled rubber boot, or gumboot as it is affectionately known by colonial types.

Is it possible to buy truly high heeled rubber boots? Yes, yes it is. Of course, one won't find them kicking around one's local discount rubber store, one has to make something of an effort to find them, like looking an inch or two over to the right hand side of the page.

Don't mistake high heeled rubber boots for a mere fashion flash in the pan, a gimmick made for people who never really took rubber boots seriously at all. No, serious fashion designers are throwing their hats into the high heel rubber boot designing ring, including Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs would design anything, he would. If there was a chance to create a garment for a 60 tonne tentacled alien from Alpha Centauri, he would leap at the chance. In this instance, at the end of the article I've taken the liberty of badly photo shopping the pair of pink high heeled rubber boots Marc Jacobs designed onto his body, well, onto his feet anyway. He looks charming, does he not?

But Marc isn't the only designer designing high heeled rubber boots. DKNY also took a shot at it, keeping the traditional colors intact whilst adding a chunky functional looking heel that will probably only get caught in cattle stops on occasion.

DKNY High Heel Rubber Boots

It's not just the high end high heel designers who create high heeled rubber boots however, there are plenty of smaller, independent rubber boot designers out there creating lovely high heeled rubber boots. For instance, Rain Co. who I have featured before for their stunning boot designs has two different pairs of high heeled rubber boots. The first is a lovely hippy inspired scene. The second is this 60's 'raindrops' affair that will make your lower legs indistinguishable from a herd of peacocks, should you happen to be walking amongst a herd of peacocks. With these boots, you could finally attain your life long dream of becoming the peacock whisperer. That's what high heeled rubber boots do, they bring dreams to life.

Marc Jacobs High Heel Rubber Boots


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