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Hiking Poles A Very Useful Tool

Updated on September 4, 2009

Hiking poles are a very useful tool. I know that many people have probably seen a hiking pole in a store while on vacation near a mountain or park and thought I will never use that because I do not hike. However, what they do not realize is how useful a hiking pole can be in other situations as well. I know that an obvious use for a hiking pole would be to help you out while you are hiking, but that isn't the only use for a hiking pole and here are some other uses that I have found for a hiking pole.

The first extra use that I have found for a hiking pole is that you are able to use it everyday not just when you are hiking. I know that my husband actually uses his hiking pole for a cane so that he doesn't wear out his cane. So a hiking pole makes a great cane as well which is nice because that means that you do not have to purchase multiple items for what is essentially the same purpose. So this is one great way that you can save a ton of money on having to purchase a cane and a hiking pole at the same time.

The second extra use for a hiking pole that I have found is they can be very intimidating as a defense weapon. I know that most of the hiking poles that I have used and seen they are usually of very solid hardwood. Which being a solid hardwood is enough that if you hit someone with them that it usually hurts, but I would only recommend using your hiking pole as a defensive weapon because of the chance of your high cost hiking pole breaking.

The third extra use for a hiking pole is one that you might not think about unless you live in the heavy winter areas that gets quite a bit of ice or snow accumulation. You can use it as a measuring stick to determine how deep the snow is before you step into an area in your yard. I know that this past winter I wish I had taken mine out with me because I stepped out into my yard right into a snow drift that was above my knee! However, it I had my hiking pole I would have been able to measure how deep the snow was prior to stepping into the snow drift and getting my socks soaked!

I know that for me I have purchased a hiking pole for hiking at first, but after having my hiking pole for a couple of days I discovered that my hiking pole has many different uses. These are just some of the additional uses that I have discovered for my hiking pole other than using it as a place to hang my clothes at or to stand in my corner to take up room in my house.


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    • Isabellas profile image

      Isabellas 8 years ago from Ohio

      Yes I like those to! My husband actually uses as his cane a Hazel Walking Stick that is imported from Ireland. He loves it and it is very sturdy!

    • profile image

      Tom@Walking Equipment 8 years ago

      Nice Hub

      I've used a walking stick for many years but have always preferred the old fashioned wood ones made from a tree branch. The only one's that seem sturdy enough to handle the rough trails I walk.