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Hippie Bags For Sale Online

Updated on July 4, 2011

The hippie revolution began over four decades ago and although it reached it's zenith years earlier, the revolution, some could say, is continuing on even today. The best example of this is is the city where the trend began - San Francisco. Walk the streets of San Fran today and you're bound to notice a few hippies, both young and old, walking the streets.

One of the trademark characteristics of a hippie is the apparel they're wearing; more specifically it's the accessories they carry around. Years ago if someone were to be carrying a flower, or a bunch of flowers, around with them they would be considered a hippie. Now? The classic hippie bag is a dead give away.

The cool thing about hippie bags for sale is that are is actually a wide variety to choose from. You choose from an abundance of colors, shapes and designs; furthermore you can choose the type of hippie bag that you want.

The choices range from hippie side bags, hippie bucket bags, hippie backpacks, cute hippie bags, cross-body hippie bags and a variety of cheap hippie bags to choose from.

Care to take a look?


Hippie Side Bags

Hippie side bags, or Hippie shoulder bags, are bags meant to hang on your side - kind of like a purse would. Hippie side bags are one of the more popular types of hippie bags to buy online, because of their easy access convienciene and flowing appaearance. A good hippie side bag will finish your hippie outfit.

One of the bestselling hippie side bags is the classic Rasta Multi-colored hemp shoulder bag. Made of durable, and colorful, hemp, this is a bag that, when dangling at your side, looks perfect. The decorative black beads dangle over the top to give it some bohemian flair.

All hippie side bags are hand-crafted, making them an excellent and unique choice of hippie bag.

Buy Hippie Bucket Bags Online

Hippie Bucket Bags

First off: what are hippie bucket bags?  Bucket bags, as well as hippie bucket bags, are bags which have been made from recycled material; this is cool for a number of reasons.  It a) helps the environment by not using anymore resources and b) gives the bag a unique flare and style. 

Many hippie bucket bags to buy online are made from silk which has collected and recycled; by using such recycled material you'll get a wide variations and color and design in the bag.  The end result, therefore, is entirely unique.  You'll be hard pressed to find two identical hippie bucket bags. 

Cute Hippie Bags

What classifies as a cute hippie bag.  I mean isn't beauty subjective?  So then, what could be considered a cute hippie bag to one person, could just be a normal crossbody hippie bag to another?

In my opinion a cute hippie bag is a bag that takes all the hippie qualities, the color, the design, and puts a little unique twist on it.  Maybe it's an extra strap; maybe it's a neat little design.   Something unique, in my mind, makes a cute hippie bag. 

An example?

the Hippie/Gypsy bag from India.  It looks like a normal hippie bag until you look closer; gold, sparkling, diamonds flaunt the front.  Very cute. 

Hippie Backpacks

Hippie backpacks aren't as easy to find online as other hippie bags, but, luckily, there is one brand that has made one, well, let me just call it, great, hippie backpack.

It comes in 4 different colors and styles and...

Just check out the features:

  • Backpack made from recycled jute rice bags; therefore no two the same.
  • Flap over opening for full closure.
  • 3 outside pockets
  • Adjustable straps
  • Colors will vary from bag to bag


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hello Sir,

      I saw your advert and i want to know if your advert is still active and also the final price




    • celebritie profile image


      7 years ago

      these are so cute, I want one

    • Pamela N Red profile image

      Pamela N Red 

      7 years ago from Oklahoma

      I own a few hippie bags so I guess that makes me a hippie chick. Fun article.

    • profile image

      Hippie Headbands 

      7 years ago

      Nice bags you have listed there. Spring is almost here and the hippie bags are in this year. Cant beat it most are also ECO Friendly :)


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