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History of Fashion Designing

Updated on February 5, 2013

Development of Bally Leather Goods Brand

Fashion Designing is a renowned entity that has evolved over a period of time. The art is also not static but continues to change as time goes. This may be attributed to the changing trends of technology, demands and preferences of the consumers. The art has also been in existence since time immemorial. In contemporary times, fashion designing requires high creativity to cater for the changing demands of the people. Owing to this, many of fashion designing firms have repositioned themselves to improve their products and in other ways which they deem viable to enhance the development of their products. It may be including better, trained and seasoned experts or better marketing strategies. In their operations, many of these firms must calculate better mechanisms of meeting their targets and also the ever evolving demands of their clients. The incorporation of Graphics products in their products have become a core element in these firms’ operations.

In essence, many of the fashion designers today employ a wide range of graphic techniques to categorise and distinguish the different brands of their products. A graphic fashion designer may also be responsible for the marketing aspects of the brand in various ways be it in electronic media, print media, online etc. They are trained to create the designs based on the real plan and conception of the organization.

Leather goods brand “bally”

Bally is an internationally recognized leather shoe firm that was established by Fraanc Bally and his brother Fritz. The station for this company was right in their home in Schonenwerd, Switzerland.

His brother however left him and he was mandated to operate the business alone. The leaving of his brother necessitated the need for him to restructure the firm and it is also at this time when he changed the companies name into “C.F. Bally”. Still determined despite the leaving of his brother, he started seeking markets for his products in such places as Zurich, Basle and Bern and even to some American states. In the year 1868, he built a shoe manufacturing plant that was driven by water turbine. The building of the factory made the company to grow in terms of product improvement and quantity and therefore attracting more customers. It also made the company become among the leading at that time in Europe since products could now be produced in large scale.

The subsequent years saw the expansion of the firm and the opening of branches in places such as in Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Geneva and Paris. Bally’s products happened to be more appealing and fashionable to the clients and more especially in French markets. This was attributed not only on their extensive marketing strategies or mass production but also on their high quality, excellent makes. Due to its high nature of quality observance, Most of the firms shoe products are considered high class. More marketing strategies was employed later in 1880 which led to opening of other branches not only in Switzerland but in other parts of the world.

Around the year 1892, Bally decided to entrust the business to his sons who later changed its name from C.F. Bally to C.F. Bally and Sons.The incorporation of the factory into the manufacture of its products did not however eliminate the work of manual labours; most of the production process was still undertaken by hand craftsmen. The company continued to develop years later and eventually, it rose to become the London shoe company, after a market overhaul in European countries. At this time, Bally’s shoe products began to be exported not only Among the Europeans countries but in other countries as well.

From the time of its incorporation, Bally continued to improve on its shoe brand and design in order to meet the ever changed desires of its clientele. This it does by combining the services of properly trained graphic designers and top of the range graphic devices. It also ensures that market surveys are conducted first in order to finds out what the market demand is and which products suits people in the different areas. In identifying market demands, the company employs a device called Value Matrix, this device also been effective in market demand identification and also in designing of the firms products. The design experts are also trained to design products in accordance to customer needs. It is due to this that Bally’s products are widely acknowledged and preferred by many people

At present, the department of designing at Bally has highly expanded to incorporate a large modern design studio, conference halls, a model machine shop, quality assurance rooms and computer rooms. In this department, there is extensive use of high expertise in all types of design and prototyping


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