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Hold Fast Suspensions - Performances from the Annual NC Tattoo Convention

Updated on November 6, 2012

Hold Fast Suspension of Winston Salem, North Carolina is advancing the art of suspension one performance at a time.

Hold Fast performs annually at the NC Tattoo Convention hosted in Greensboro, NC.

Throughout the year they put on suspension displays at their own shop and other venues that promote body art. If you're interested in seeing a live suspension or in being a performer, check out Hold Fast on Facebook for more information.

They connect with many of their performers through social media.

Performer Liz Koan and Molly share a laugh while Andy connects the rigging.
Performer Liz Koan and Molly share a laugh while Andy connects the rigging.

Hold Fast Suspensions is Andy McLeod and Molly Dix.

Although, other piercing and body modification artists may assist from time to time, Andy and Molly are the driving force behind the promotion of suspension art through Hold Fast.

Bethany's Suspension from the 17th Annual NC Tattoo Convention

Lake Ness Monster, Lake Jurosko

Visit the Hubpage for The Lake Ness Monster, Lake Jurosko's awesome resurrection suspension performance by clicking, here.

Lake's page has great pictures as well as a video of her suspension.

Learn more about Lake's modeling and fundraising activities for worthy causes.

Links to her fan page as well.

Above: 6 gauge needles are used to pierce the skin so the hooks may be inserted for various acts of suspension.

Suspensions may use as few as two hooks; others may use four, six, or more.

At Right: Bethany Walker finishes performing a typical four point knee suspension.

This Hub is under construction. More awesome pictures, links, and videos are coming soon!

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