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Save Money by Teaching your self Home Hair Color WHAT MANUFACTURES DON’T TELL YOU?

Updated on July 28, 2015

Have you every tried to use home hair color with less than expected results?
Don’t feel bad. Every day thousands of Americans attempt to color their hair at home often with results that are to say the least less than desirable. The problem is manufactures make the process seem so simple just pick a box with the color you want apply and you will have the perfect color result. The problem with this is what is contained in the box. Most manufactures supply the color and some type of developer this is where they set you up for disaster.

These developers are designed to deposit color the same level as your natural color or lift only one level lighter. For example if you have dark brown hair and want blond hair the developer included with the color only has the ability to lift your hair to light brown. Most home hair color was designed to match your natural color and cover grey. If this is your objective you will not have much trouble. However if you think you can pick a pastel blond color and mix it and apply to your natural brown hair you will never get the desired result. It would be necessary for you to have a professional hair colorist perform this service in order to have the desired result. A professional has the proper tools to make this type of transformation so just because the color on the box is the color you would like the manufacture does not provide the proper developer for you to achieve the desired result.

Most manufactures list a help line on the box Before you apply any color call the help line tell them you natural color and tell them the color you want they can tell you if your desired result can be achieved with that color. Also hair color is designed to color natural hair not previously color treated hair. Hair color removes natural pigment and replaces it with artificial pigments. These pigments cannot be removed with hair color. It will be necessary to use a hair color remover to dissolve artificial pigments

If you would like to blog help try This can help but I always suggest asking the professionals first (just look for the 1800 # on the box of color) !

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