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Home Made Perfumes Fit for Your Own Business

Updated on September 21, 2014

Another way to learn perfume mixing

Learning of perfume making is easy, in just 3 to 5 hours you can make your own different types of fragrances.

  • You can undergo actual tutorial. (Others had a promo, you can avail perfume making KIT once you are done in the tutorial)
  • Download or read E-Book tutorials.
  • Watch tutorial videos


A lot of known or branded fragrances distributed and selling in the market are also coming from nothing so, we can do also our own brand of perfume and use product name we want. In fact, you can do as the same quality perfume likewise, you purchase in the market. But first you must be capable first to this and know the procedures of perfume making. After you undergo or read this hub you are able to make your own personal fragrances or for your own perfume business.

Actual Tutorial

How to make perfume actual tutorial
How to make perfume actual tutorial



If you are interested and you want to try to make perfumes you must purchase the following perfume making kit listed below:

  1. 500 ml or 1000 ml glass bottle
  2. 500ml distilled water
  3. Sterile .5, .25
  4. Alcohol (Disinfectant)
  5. Head Cap (Hair net)
  6. Face Mask
  7. Perfume Oil
  8. Fixative
  9. Cylinder (Plastic or Glass)

Quality Procedure

  • It is advisable the you must sanitize those KITS before using into perfume mixing, to avoid contamination and out of date expiration. Use alcohol for sanitizing and dry with clean linen clothes.
  • Wear gloves and a face mask to ensure cleanliness.
  • Wear a hair net to avoid contaminating your mixture with falling hair.

Perfume Bottles

How to make your own perfume


Kept your raw materials, finish products in cool and dry place to keep your products in good conditions. Otherwise the scent will evaporate, then eventually, it will expire in out of date, it is wasting money if you let this happen. Kept also in one place or in a tumbler, put in a place not reachable by children.

Do's and Don'ts

  1. Use sponge and water only to clean, graduated cylinder and bowl. The container is totally clean once the water glides smoothly on its surfaces. Don't use detergents for cleaning as they might leave residues or odor to your utensils.
  2. To obtain accurate measurements for the ingredients be sure to put the measuring device flat on a steady table.
  3. Use utensils exclusively for these personal care products and don't use on the food.
  4. To retain their aroma and properties, store your fragrance oils in colored bottles and keep them in a cool, dark place. Light causes fragrances to lose their aroma and degrades their natural properties.
  5. Because they are highly flammable substances, fragrances and alcohol should be kept away from the fire and too much heat.
  6. Never return substances once you have taken them out of their container.
  7. Close the cap of the alcohol container tightly to prevent the substance from evaporating.
  8. Keep the substances away from the reach of the children.
  9. Use only clean and dry utensils and containers for processing your products. If possible, use a blower to make sure that the containers are dry enough.
  10. Cover the surface of your work table with a linen or plastic sheet to prevent the surface from being stained.

Finish Products


  1. Bring all your KITS, raw materials in a flatten and un-shaking table.
  2. Prepare two (2) clean clothes (linen or towel).
  3. Clean water in case of skin or eye contact, you can immediately wash.
  4. Wear your face mask.
  5. Wear your hair net.
  6. Wear your apron.
  7. Prepare Box or Tumbler for your finished products.

Procedure of Mixing

Step - 1: Procedure - Determine the concentration of the finished product you want to make.

Description- Based on this quantity, you can determine the quantity needed for each of your ingredients by multiplying the quantity of finished product with each of the ingredient percentage you wish to use. Always remember that it is more cost effective to make big batches rather than small ones.

Step - 2: Procedure - Measure each ingredient.

Description- Based on the computation below (row), measure each ingredient and place it into the mixing glass bottle as it is listed on the starter mixing kit.

Step - 3: Procedure - Mix the contents.

Description- Simply follow the succession in the formula sheet below. Seal the glass bottle and shake well. Note that the fixative may take longer to dissolve, you need not shake, it will dissolve in a few minutes as the fragrance sets.

Step - 4: Procedure - Add color.

Description- I recommend using liquid coloring. Simply add a drop of coloring. Put a little quantity as it is easier to make the mixture darker than lighten it.

Step - 5: Procedure - Aging.

Description- It is always best to store your compounded products in a cool, dry place for at least 7 days. An alternative is to store the product in the refrigerator [by itself] for 2 days


Perfume Oil
Ethyl Alcohol
Distilled Water

Famous Fragrances

Vote your favorite perfume

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Prospect Perfume Business

Capable now to mix perfumes? Then it's time to try selling your own products. First, encourage your friends, relatives, known people to try your products or make a sample for give aways. You can sell these perfumes with a label or without, with a box or without box, as you start in a small and stand alone business, you can either use the internet to promote your products local and international. You can do also your own tutorial and sell raw materials for your additional income


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