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Home Remedies for Common Hair Problems

Updated on June 19, 2013


In today's hectic life style we do not have time for anything let alone to breath. For smallest activity we have to plan and keep aside some time in advance. This lifestyle has lead to many problems in our lives especially in Health related matters. Increasing pollution along with hectic lifestyle has doubled our problems.

One of the most affected arena of our health is our Hairs. Hairs plays a very important part in our beauty. When someone sees us he/she also sees our hairs. No matter how grandly we have got ready but if our hair is not looking good we don't look half good as we have desired. Ask me same thing happen with me in my sister's marriage. I had got ready in a grand way but at that time my hairs were not good so my whole appearance was not looking good. And being bride's sister I have to be there in every place and every ceremony and got many picture clicked. In almost all pictures I was not looking good and I feel very bad about them. So after that incident I tried many ways through which I can solve my hair problems.

And here I am with some home remedies to solve some actually almost all types of Hair Problems.

Problem 1: HAIR LOSS

Hair Loss is the most common and i think most found problem in today's time. At least 95 % among the people I know suffers from this problem. Normally we think that some hair loss is natural as hair naturally repairs themselves, but it is not so. Once hair loss start from some hairs and then one fine day you wake up and find that you are losing hairs very badly.

So what should be done to avoid or recover from this problem, and trust me this is possible, without much hassle.


The perfect way to reduce hair fall is HOT OIL MASSAGE. This Oil massage is very effective.

What kind of Oil you can use ?

You can use any natural hair oil with good nourishment quality. Oil can be olive, coconut, almond oil. But i prefer Mustard oil. Most of you after reading this will feel that mustard oil is eww. But mustard is great source of nourishment for hairs.

How to do the Massage ?

  • First, lightly heat the oil. Oil should be warm enough to massage your scalp but it should be not so warm that you will not be able to massage using it.
  • Then lightly massage your scalp. Use your fingers pore for better results.
  • Leave the oiled hair for overnight or minimum 1 hour before you shampoo it.

If you can try to leave oiled hairs overnight, it will give you better results.

If you use Oil at normal room temperature, it will also give you almost same result but time taken to reduce the problem will be more.

HOME REMEDY 2 : Use Coconut Milk

Another good and effective remedy for Hair Loss is Coconut Milk. I have noticed that some people don't like to oil their hairs. So, to avoid the problem of hair loss and also getting good nourished hairs use coconut milk. This milk can be collected by squeezing the shavings of a coconut.

How to use Coconut Milk

  • Apply Coconut Milk all over your scalp and gently massage it to hair roots. Keep in mind to apply this milk especially on roots. There is no need to apply on full hair length.
  • Wash it after 1 - 2 hours thoroughly.

HOME REMEDY 3 : Mustard and Henna Leaves

Henna is considered as the natural conditioner and color for hairs. It also makes hair smooth and silky. Mustard is also considered as good conditioner and nourishment of hairs.

So next home remedy is using both Henna leaves and Mustard oil to reduce hair loss problem.

How to use it :

1. Boil Mustard Oil in a tin container and add pinch of henna leaves.

2. Let it burn completely in the Oil.

3. Filter this boiled oil using muslin cloth or fine cloth.

4. Regularly massage the scalp using this oil. This will regulate the blood flow in scalp and help in increasing hair growth.


The second common problem of hairs is White or Gray Hairs. Earlier white hairs were found in elders only, but now due to pollution and high use of chemicals youngsters too have white hairs.

To cover up this white hairs we use hair colors which are again rich in chemicals and further damage our hairs. So what should be done to cover this white hairs. I am sharing some Natural and effective home remedies for white hairs.

HOME REMEDY 4 : Coconut Oil and Lemon

1. Mix Coconut oil with little amount of lemon juice, and apply it on your scalp.

2. Leave it for 10 - 15 minutes on your head and then wash it off.

3. Regular use of this oil will reduce white hairs.


1. Boil coconut oil and put Amla pieces in the boiling oil.

2. Keep it boiling till all pieces turn black.

3. Apply this on hairs and after some time wash it off thoroughly.

HOME REMEDY 6 : Curry Leaves

1. Take 7 - 8 Curry Leaves and crush them and heat it with some coconut oil.

2. Apply this mixture after straining in your scalp when it is lukewarm.

3. Wash it off after 1 - 2 hours.

This are some effective Home Remedies for 2 most common hair problems. I hope you find them useful and this remedies will work for your problems too.


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