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Hope's Favorite Sports Lingerie

Updated on October 13, 2009

I write a lot about lingerie,  but some of you may be wondering what kinds of lingerie are my personal favorites, so I've decided to share a few of my own lingerie pieces. I must warn you in advance, as a woman I have a rather love/hate affair with my own lingerie. Some pieces are wonderful, some deserve to be burned along with their infernal creators. This statement is even more true when it comes to lingerie that can be worn when working out. Active women (and some guys) need high performance lingerie that works with their bodies when their bodies are working out.

Here's what works for me...

Berlei Legend Sports Bra

Personally, as a larger busted lady, my favorite piece of functional lingerie is a Berlei cross back sports bra. It's not particularly sexy, but it allows me to run without crippling myself. It's not the most well designed bra in terms of getting into the thing either, but once I've struggled into it (it's a simple process really, just cross the straps over the back, stick your head through the middle, work your arms up through the other two holes, then ease the whole contraption down slowly, working your bust into the thing and pulling the straps outwards to get a better fit whilst also repositioning yourself inside the cups so that you don't fall out the bottom until at last the thing slips into place, at which point you now simply reach around the back, grasp the clasps, and blindly attempt to hook the three separate tiny hooks into the equally small eyes - what could be easier?!) I'm told it reduces bounce by 30%, and it really has made a huge difference at the gym. I used to think I was having a heart attack, then I realized it was just the chest pain caused by having one's breasts jiggling everywhere. There's no relief quite like knowing you're not going into cardiac arrest in your mid twenties.

Jockey Microfiber Panties

Once again, not all that sexy, but absolutely perfect for an active woman. I have a weird relationship with cotton, weird in the sense that I hate it. I hate its dry, slightly grippy feel, it makes me shudder not unlike the sound of nails on a blackboard does, so I avoid it like the plague. But for active wear, one needs panties that will not trap sweat against your body. This means that most synthetic fabrics are out, as are silk and satin. Try wearing these even on an especially hot day and the results are unpleasant to say the least. Microfiber solves this problem by wicking moisture away from your skin, allowing it to breathe, all the while being soft and gentle against your skin.


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    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 9 years ago

      Hm, can't say I have had any problems with pilling on the Jockey microfiber panties I have (or on any other brand)... I've had more problems with pilling on nylon/polyester blends (which are generally pretty nasty anyway)

    • profile image

      Mikki 9 years ago

      Interesting - I like the supima cotton and spandex from the Jockey line just as much as the microfiber. While I like microfiber, i don't like the pilling the material develops over time on anything but the top end lines (Natori, Hanro, etc). As for day to day workhorses... nothing beats Vanity Fair for great panties - from the string bikini to the full brief I love the whole line.

    • profile image

      beaujolais 9 years ago

      No comment on the bras since i don't wear them, but I'm right there with you when it comes to Jockey microfiber panties. I have a bunch. Pretty colors and oh so comfy.