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Hope's Lingerie Picks: Black Is The New Black

Updated on October 13, 2009
This creepy Sim army is relevant to my interests... Image from
This creepy Sim army is relevant to my interests... Image from

More personal lingerie revelations!

Generally speaking, if I am buying lingerie, I am going to buy it in black, probably black lace. That doesn't mean I never buy other colors, but my preference is usually black. There are several reasons for this, and I have expounded upon them in the text below.

  • The majority of lingerie is made in black or white. Unless you wash white lingerie separately with virgin water from Lourdes, and with soap freshly carved from the soap trees of Zambia (where soap comes from), white lingerie will be off white lingerie within a few wears, and after a few more it will be grubby grey lingerie. Black lingerie can be tossed in a lingerie bag and put in with the rest of your wash and come up looking lovely and black for eons to come. (Well okay, maybe not eons, that may be a little extreme, lets just go with decades.)
  • I have quite pale skin, so I like the contrast of black against it. White lingerie tends to only enhance my own luminosity, an entirely unnecessary exercise. As a side note, I am available as a stand in for small light houses should they happen to unexpectedly die on dark and stormy nights.
  • I am kinda lazy. I like my lingerie to match, but I prefer not to have to regiment my lingerie drawer to achieve easy matching. When you have a whole lot of black lingerie, creating coherent lingerie looks becomes a lot easier. Sure, on closer inspection somebody might notice that the pattern doesn't quite match 'Why, there are chrysanthemums on your panties, but roses on the bra! What madness is this!', but to be honest if I am hanging out in my lingerie with someone and the lingerie is getting more attention than I am, then we have bigger problems than whether or not its a perfect match.

Don't get me wrong, I do like colors as well. My favorites would probably be deep red or scarlet tones (which also work quite well with black), my least favorite would be beige. I don't know that beige is a color actually, I've certainly never owned any lingerie in that particular shade of dreariness, but there is plenty of it on the market, so there must be fairly large numbers of women who do like it. There's just no accounting for taste, as they say. Tropical colors are also a no no, they might look hot on Brazilian models, or those with darker skin tones, but I just end up looking like a highlighter marker when I wear fluorescent colors.

For me, black is where it's at... how about y'all? (Yeehaw!)


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    • profile image

      indrag13 8 years ago

      Oh YES! I love black lingerie the best and it's what I get 99% of the time. I don't know what it is about black that just appeals to me even more so. Especially black lace! Mmm. Thank you Hope.

    • profile image

      steph 8 years ago

      Well i do like black, but red lace definatly has to be my favorite. it has that innocent but wild aura to it.

    • profile image

      Ben 9 years ago

      Love black lingerie, on me, and women. I guess it comes down to your skin tone though...

    • profile image

      Nanciboy 9 years ago

      Since I have a nice golden all over tan right now, I'm currently partial to pink or white. Not to say I don't have my share of black for the paler, winter months. But you are right about white not staying white very long :(

    • profile image

      ILoveLingerie 9 years ago

      I don't really have a favorite color. I buy lingerie in any color except beige. Beige looks bad in my opinion.

      Even though I don't have a favorite lingerie color, I tend to buy more white lingerie.

    • profile image

      sam_t 9 years ago

      I'm kinda partial to black for the most part. Similarly, I like the contrast. Mostly, I prefer solid colors like black, red and sometimes blue. I detest beige/nude... unimaginative.

      Still black is the most functional. Love these articles, Hope.