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Mens Hosiery and Pantyhose

Updated on October 13, 2009

Pushing the alliteration envelope right there, but that is, as they say 'all good'. I've expressed this sentiment before, but I don't think that it can really hurt to express it again: men look great in stockings.

Because men tend to carry their weight differently from women i.e, in their bellies rather than their ass, thighs and abdomen, they tend to have great legs. This applies especially to men on the taller side, but almost any man looks great in a pair of tights, stockings or pantyhose.

That's probably why men wore them for so long, prancing about the world in just a pair of hose and a jerkin. Try dressing like that now and you'll get more than a few strange looks. Unless you're a ballet dancer of course, those guys get to manhandle women whilst dressed in lingerie all the time.

If you're over the age of about 10 (which you better be), then you can probably forget the whole ballet dancer thing. It takes years of torturous training to become one, and all things considered, its probably not worth dedicating your entire life to dance just to get away with wearing stockings in front of hundreds of adoring fans. With Al Gore's invention of the Internet there are plenty of opportunities to do that on web cam without having to have any special skills.

But Will It Fit?

Most men shouldn't have too much trouble finding hosiery to fit. Pantyhose could be a problem if you have especially long legs. Even women have problems with the dreaded 'hose gap' which appears between the crotch of the wearer and the crotch of the garment, creating a strange air filled void which traps sweat like the lingerie black hole it is. If in doubt, buy the next size up, if there is no next size up stockings will work well in the place of pantyhose and come with the added perks and frills of wearing a garter belt. (Assuming you don't buy stay ups. Men can often wear stay up stockings better than women because of the greater muscle mass in their legs creating less 'stocking bulge' which often occurs when a lady wearing stay ups has, shall we say, amply endowed thighs.

In winter, tights can be a welcome addition to everyone's wardrobe. You might even be able to get away with calling your tights 'thermal underwear'. Or, if you're super in the closet about wearing hosiery, you could wear thermal underwear and pretend that you're actually wearing a pair of tights. Then you could feel a little silly about lying to yourself like that and just put on a real pair of stockings.

The Final Word: 

Long answer short: Yes, men can wear tights Or stockings. Or pantyhose. Or whatever else takes their fancy.


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    • profile image

      Pantyhose lover 7 years ago

      I'm wearing right now

    • Andybmondeo profile image

      Andybmondeo 8 years ago

      Hi guys, great post, I without a doubt have a stocking / tights fetish, just a quick tip; anybody in the UK after these should checkout Le Beau Lingerie absolutely amazing website with the biggest range of stockings, tights and hosiery I can find. and its all one size fits all so it really does fit everyone !Hope you all enjoy!!!

    • profile image

      GP14 8 years ago

      Great post. Like women, I feel most men do look great in pantyhose, tights and leggings.

      My girlfriend actually got me hooked on running tights and now I like wearing them all the time. Very comfortable.

      I actually hope this trend snowballs quickly!

    • profile image

      Frank P 8 years ago

      I started wearing pantyhose as a dare from the wife. She liked it and would occasionally ask me to wear them. Then I got hooked. They feel great and are comfortable. I wear them anytime. Sometimes just around the house, or under pants to work or when we go out. When working outside, or hunting in the cold Canadian winter.

      There is nothing "gay" about it. I have no desire to wear high heels, or a dress. No makeup either. No attraction to men whatsoever.

      It is merely the desire to wear a comfortable, soft material. The thermal and compression benefits help sometimes too, but not necessarily. Try it, you'd be surprised.

    • profile image

      JustAGuy 8 years ago

      I am just an ordinary heterosexual guy at the ripe age of 50 now. I started wearing pantyhose and stockings from about the age of 14 on and off. As I grew older, around 18 or 19 I have been wearing these clothes every day under my extremely boring male clothes. Why do I wear them? because firstly they feel wonderful on me, secondly they make my legs look great, thirdly they bring out the feminine side in me that is softer, nicer and generally more in tune with people and everyone around me. All men have their feminine side, and it is good to be in touch with it at all times, it makes us more complete as a whole. Why dont I wear my stockings and pantyhose in plain view of all around me? because it is not what society defines as correct and therefore we are branded as freaks and wierdo's. So we hide (generally). The European step forward into men wearing pantyhose and stockings is a great move but alas i feel it is doomed to failure because most if not all heterosexuals must display the pseudo image of a macho man that means soft beautiful feminine clothing is one of the great taboo's for us. It is a pity, they are wonderful garments, soft and gentle, pretty and comfortable that should be widely available for all. Thanks for listening.

    • outlawbybirth profile image

      outlawbybirth 8 years ago from Lycraville, Florida

      Hope excellent article on hosiery for men! It is just a matter of time before the trend in europe will eventually hit the USA and what women are complaining? The ones in bare legs and flip flops, eh? lol....

    • profile image

      anon 8 years ago

      I wear pantyhose under my clothes during the winter months. Normally I wear the thicker footed nylon tights and occasionally thinner pantyhose. These are the compression hose which helps when my legs are tired. I buy my own and my wife is ok with it. I tried long johns but i think they too bulky. I am not the person that feels the need to walk around wearing nylons with shorts. They are very comfortable. I haven't tried the tights made for men yet. I am ok with the female pantyhose for now.

    • profile image

      scantilyclad 9 years ago

      I love wearing pantyhose as well as panties, i wear panties 24/7 but only wear pantyhose when i am not at work although i do wear them when i go out and about

    • profile image

      lingerielover 9 years ago

      I do feel well in pantyhose and stockings. I think everyone who has tried some good fitting pantyhose will agree that it is a nice and comfortable feeling. The winter in the northern hemisphere may be a good time to start. In case you have to explain it to your wife or gf.

      After long years of wearing pantyhose as well as stockings, my first choice are stockings worn with an obg. Stockings give me such a sensual feeling and the obg helps a lot to improve my whole posture and make my clothes fit better.

      Men can wear pantyhose or stockings. Nothing wrong with it. Maybe it takes some time to get acceptance from your partner. But it´s worth trying.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 9 years ago

      Awesome link Jerry! Thanks for contributing :) That will help a lot of guys out.

    • profile image

      Jerry 9 years ago

      For those of you who may have trouble finding pantyhose in your size, here is a link to a site who makes/sells pantyhose specifically for men. They are considerably more expensive then women's pantyhose but at least they are available.