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Cool Ideas and Ways to Braid your Hair

Updated on April 4, 2012

One of the most popular styles on and off the red carpet right now....braids. And everybody is buzzing about it, down to how to it yourself, to the hottest ones, what accessories to use and what celebs are wearing them. Well I must admit this is one of those blogs, but in a combines all four things. Pretty cool right? Yea I thought so too...

The first #1 way to style you locks is the Braided Headband.

Kate Oslen, Rachel Mcadams and Asleigh Simpson sported this new trend in a carefree updo, making this #1 on the list of hot braid ideas.

A simple way to get this look is to start your french braid from behind your ear, making the part as cleanly as possible and keeping your hair downward as you start to braid in front of your mirror. Sometimes its just easier to feel, but make sure you keep your bangs out if you want a more romantic look. Braid across the front crown of your head until you've reached below your other ear and tie it off with an elastic band. If you think you still haven't got the gist of it, go to ehow and watch this video on 'How to do a French Braid Headband'.

Cute accessories to go with your braids are always a good idea.

The #2 way to style your locks is the Side Headband Braid.

This is one of the easier sisters of the Full Headband Braid, and kinda gives it a cool offset edge.

Lindsay Lohan, Anne Hathaway and Lauren Conrad have been taking up the Side Braid in there new fantastic ways to do there hair. I don't blame them because its one of the ways to get a very beautiful look while not taking up much time.

What you would need to to is part your hair to the side and procede from far side of the part to french braiding and then stopping whenever you think its completed your look.

You can leave your hair loose, tie your hair in a low knot for a more classy look or make a side ponytail like Lauren has done.

#3 way to braid-tastic hair is The Side Braid.

I wouldnt particularly go for the huge black bow thing in this photo, but I definitely LOVE this look.

Pull lightly on the edges to make it messy...

Or have someone help you do this sideswipe braid, its so sexy. If you want you can braid both sides and then taper it off with one long side braid. The more loose at the top has more of a carefree feel to it, so whether your going out to a club or going out to the grocery store its the perfect style.

#4 on the list for hot braid ideas is 'Tiny Braids.'

This is a cute and subtle way to show you style off with tiny braids. They work with flowing hair or using them to do a small headband like Emma Watson. And yes even Ke$ha has taken to braid styling....

# 5 way to braid hotness is the Front Band Braid. And all of its hippie coture style...

This looks impossible right? Lol, think again. Theres a new inventive way to get a braided headband without braiding yourself. A site called has been selling this faux headbands for 10.00 or less to match the color of your hair and look just as original as if you did it yourself.

Its an awesome new way to add to your catalog of braid ideas. And for the last idea....If you don't think you have enough hair for braids or cant really pull of the faux hair theres always another alternative that makes it so you still have braids in your fashion.

It makes a statement with whatever you wear, plus its really cute. I hope you've liked the different styles and accessories....and whatever you do, rock your fashion to the max.

Will you try one of these styles?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      those are cool ways to braid your hair

    • kattadellic profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Kentucky

      Thanks, find a hairstyle you wanna try? lol ;)

    • jayezalde profile image


      7 years ago from iloilo,philippines

      very nice


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