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Jewel Toned Dresses (and the Jewel's Meaning)

Updated on October 29, 2010

Pair Jeweled Dresses With....

  • satin strappy heels in a neutral color
  • jeweled, drop earrings and sparkling necklaces in a complementary gem color, or just clear
  • shimmering eye make up with neutral lips
  • a small neutral clutch
  • natural looking hair with loose waves and curls or......
  • a simple up do such as a french twist or bun

When getting dressed up for that company party, class reunion or cocktail party the classic choice is the little black dress. However, if making a statement and really standing out is on your agenda, it’s good to look for the hot trend of the moment and make it your own. This holiday season the timeless LBD is being left in the closet by the fashionably minded for something a little brighter. One of the best choices of the trendy this winter is jewel toned dresses. Fashion editors and Hollywood stars alike are looking to gem stones as their inspiration for their go to party dress this year.

Garnets and Rubies

Red is a gorgeous color that always stands out and looks beautiful. Look for fabrics with that jewel tone shine or sparkle.

Garnet - The birthstone of January; it's said to be a gift of love, safe travel, and a speedy homecoming.

Ruby - The birthstone of July; this stone represents everlasting love. Ancient stories tell that rubies worn on the left hand bring good fortune.

Sapphire Blue

A deep sapphire blue is one of my favorite colors. This rich color is flattering on everyone and a super hot choice for winter.

Sapphires - The birthstone of September; they're said to represent sincerity and faithfulness. Old wives tales say that the sapphire protects the wearer from envy and poison.


My very favorite color! Purple looks great on blondes and brunettes. If you have red hair, opt for the darker color purple and choose carefully. This color was picked by fashion magazines for one of the best color trends this fall and winter.

Amethyst - The birthstone of February; it has always been popular among royalty. Amethysts are very symbolic. They are said to represent spirituality, piety, protection, and the power to overcome the difficult.


While red heads need to proceed with caution wearing purple, emerald green is an awesome option for them. This sparkling deep green can also look fabulous on dark brunettes and fair blonds. Green is a great for those looking to stand out in the crowd.

Emeralds - The birthstone of May; the emerald represents spring and rebirth. It's a symbol of fidelity and love and is thought to bring wisdom, growth, and patience. The emerald was also said to be Cleopatra's favorite gem.

Citrine - Yellow Gold

This golden yellow is bright and happy. It looks the best on brunettes. Yellow is a very out going color that can be worn year round. It's also a very versatile color that can be pair up with just about any other color for an extra pop. Golden yellow has also been a red carpet favorite this past year.

Citrine - This is the birthstone for November. This stone is symbolic of hope, strength, and friendship. It is also said to strengthen the owners ability to give and receive love.


This pale blue color is clear and beautifully simple. It looks best on those with either fair or dark complexions. Frosty colors can wash out those that fall into the middle of these extremes. This is a good choice for those who want to try this jewel toned trend with out sticking out too much.

Aquamarine - This is my birthstone, March. It symbolizes safety and security, specifically in  love. There are some people that claim Aquamarine can reawaken love and bring spark into a sleepy relationship.

Jeweled colored dresses are my absolute favorite fashion trend this season. They are bright and flattering without being too flashy. I love how they accent the colors of the holidays for a festive, but subdued look. For a statement that is fashionable and elegant, these dresses are the perfect choice.

Frugal Finds at Target

Which Gem Stone Color is Your Favorite?

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    • MissE profile image

      MissE 7 years ago from Texas

      That would be a fun collection! :D

    • profile image

      princess_31 7 years ago from Egypt

      I love gemstones too! I want to have my own collection of gemstones one day.

    • MissE profile image

      MissE 8 years ago from Texas

      Thanks! I loved writing about gemstones. Makes me want to go out and buy some! :)

    • profile image

      cosette 8 years ago

      fun, entertaining and informative hub! i really enjoyed it :)

    • MissE profile image

      MissE 8 years ago from Texas

      Thanks for all your great comments and support!:)

    • keira7 profile image

      keira7 8 years ago

      Hi MissE, I love fashion, and if there is hub about style, then I will be the first one to find it :) Great work my dear friend. :)