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Hottest Fall Trends 2012

Updated on September 30, 2012

Must Have Trends 2012

This fall is all about retro, with earth tone colors and gold accents. A mix of floral and lace, knit tweeds and, shawls making the cut this year. A long with being oversized with a masculine touch. This year is also seeing a lot of fur accents and elegant embroider, along with colors from bright teals, to rich burgundy and even black and white. This season as something that everyone will love.

When you buy your items for this fall make sure they have a double use even with this season has some bold looks to stretch your money a bit father look for items they can be worn for a couple of years and still look amazing.

1.Navy and Black mixed together.

We all know this is said to be a big don’t but I have seen these two paired up all over the place, Like most trends this season the rules are out of the window. Try mixing this trend in your wardrobe with shoes or a bag. You can even do a navy top mixed with a pair of cute black pants. You can also color block them together with just like spring this years is still big.

2. Burgundy.

I love burgundy it is one of my favorite colors and is so nice in fall and this year it is a big trend. Burgundy in leather is huge as well as on trench coats but it is appearing on anything and everything possible. It is seen every from solid pieces to being mixed into patterns. This has always been a big color in fall but this year it is a must make sure you pick up something burgundy for you fall wardrobe.

3. Reptile print.

Animal print is always big but this fall it is all about reptile print. It has been seen in everything from dresses to a skinny pant and is very hot this year. Toss in a bag or shoe In this print to set off any outfit this year.

4. Leather.

I’m so happy to see this and it a huge this fall. Leather jackets, tops, vest, skirts you name it, it is in. The big color is black but any will work this year. We not talking handbags this year we are talking big bold pieces.

5. White.

White is in this year. Is being mixed with black. You see white in everything from coats to dresses and everything in between. Try pairing white with a black bag or shore to set it off this year. So add lots of white into your look this year.


Military is all over the place this season. And a must have. So look for belts coats, button, and collars to fit the style. Also anything olive green or double breasted. With this seasons colors it looks great.

7. Jumpsuit

The next trend is a carryover from spring /summer and it is the jumpsuit. They come a lot of different forms, and colors this season so keep your eye out for them. If you have some already in closet wonderful but stay away from the bright colors of summer.

8. Colors

Colors to look for are mustard, dusty rose, teal, greens, gold, blues, reds, white, clack, purples, plaid, and prints. Also look for warm fall colors and jewel tones, and fur


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