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Hot Fashion Trend of Feather Hair Extensions – Do It Yourself Guide

Updated on October 15, 2016

Feather Extensions

New Fashion and Beauty Idea

One of the hottest fashion trends right now in hair, for both men and women, are called feather hair extensions. Celebrities, as well as people everywhere are just beginning to catch this fun, new fashion accessory.

Because it is so new at the time of this writing, I believe we’ll be seeing more advances in style and colors, in different combinations coming onto the scene in upcoming months, although there is quite a bit currently offered.

We’ll be showing you how to apply your own feather hair extensions, how to care and maintain them, and finally the removal process when you are finished with this instruction guide.

What are Feather Hair Extensions?

Currently, the majority of feather hair extensions are made from real feathers, mostly rooster, pheasants, or emus plumes, but sometimes other types of bird feathers are used as well. They may be left in their natural coloring and patterns, or dyed interesting shades and tones.

They are sold mostly in clusters, which is a small group of complimentary patterns and/or colors banded together. They vary in length ranging from 4 inches to 18 inches or so, and some are sold in smaller clusters or individual. They are soft, and add an element of style and pizzazz to accent hair fashion. They are a healthier alternative for the hair than bleaching small sections and coloring with bright colors, yet can give a similar effect.

Some people choose colors that are more subtle and blend with their hair coloring, adding interesting texture to their hair. Others prefer vibrant, bright colored feathers to really add a striking and contrasting look to their hair style.

Hair extensions feathers once applied, can last anywhere from1to 6 months, depending on the quality of the feather extension, and type of care that is given while it is worn. They can be cut to suit a person’s particular hair length. They remain in the hair and can be washed, blow dried, curled in a low heat curling iron, or straightened. Don’t use any type of professional chemical treatment (such as coloring, straightening or perms), while they are in your hair. Remove them prior, and re-apply when finished.

How to Apply Hair Feather Extensions

Materials Needed:

  • Feather extension
  • Silicone fusion beads – These help hold the hair better, especially fine straight hair types, better than non-silicone fusion beads. Choose the beads closest to your hair color.
  • Crimper / pliers tool
  • Threader tool

A few popular areas of the head that people apply feather extensions are on the sides near the face, to frame and to help draw attention to the eyes. Another area in underneath the crown areas, some in the bangs, particularly if bangs are long and sweep to the sides, and finally underneath the nape hairline area.

Once you’ve decided where you want to put your feather extensions, take the section of hair above that area, and section it with a clip, out of the way.

Take a silicone fusion bead and thread it on your threader tool.

Take a tiny section of hair (enough that will fit inside of a bead), and give it a few tight twists near the scalp. Put the silicone bead on the threader tool.

Now, open the latch door on your threader tool, hook it now onto your hair strands, and pull the bead over the threader tool, and gently pull down, pulling the hair through the bead. Slide the bead as close to the scalp as you can.

Take your feather bundle (or single feather), and poke the end through the bead towards your scalp.

Take your clamping tool, and clamp the bead shut. Take hair down and enjoy the look. If you need to trim it to match your hair length, do so now.

After Care for Your Hair Feather Extensions

Go ahead and wash and condition your hair with the feather extensions as you normally would. You can blow dry your hair, curl it, or straighten it as well, with no problems.

What you do want to be careful of is brushing or combing the area that you don’t get the brush or comb caught in between the scalp and the bead, either pulling it out completely, of just a few hairs, causing a loop to form.

Removing Hair Feather Extensions

When you are ready to remove or simply change your feather extensions, clip up the section of hair above where they were connected to get it out of the way. Be sure to brush or comb all tangles out of the hair below the extension area.

Take the crimper tool, and crimp gently in the opposite direction the fusion bead was closed, to open up the circle. Once the bead is opened up, simply pull it out of your hair.

You can experiment with trying to make your own bundles of 4-7 different types and colors of feathers to design your own customized and unique look. You can also attempt using different types of feathers to expand your options as well. Just ensure they are clean and dry. Enjoy and watch the compliments pour in!


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