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Hunky Girly Halter Tops For Men

Updated on October 16, 2009

Halter tops are generally fairly useless for anyone with real breasts over a C cup. Unless you want to wear a strapless bra, which you will spend the entire day adjusting as it slips towards your knees. But if you're built on a slinky slimmer frame, happen to have invested in silicone breasts, or if you're a man, then halter tops can look great.

The only problem I foresee with men wearing halter tops is the fact that halter tops tend to draw attention to the breadth of the shoulders. Even athletic women can run the risk of looking a little masculine when they wear halter tops.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. What is a halter top? Simply put, it is a top where the front tapers up to a point and two strings emerge from the garment's apex. These are then wrapped and tied around the neck, exposing the upper chest, shoulders and upper back. Quite often a substantial section of the lower back and indeed, the midriff is exposed as well. Remember to use plenty of sunscreen when wearing a halter top, no matter what gender you are, melanoma comes to us all.

When it comes to men wearing halter tops, a bold fashion statement is being made. Some accused sporting legend Michael Phelps of wearing a halter top made of medals after he cleaned out the world's gold supply in recent Olympics. They were being facetious, of course, but their prejudice shone more brightly than the medals themselves. Personally I think men should wear whatever they want to wear, but logic dictates that I should also acknowledge that a man wearing a halter top to the beach is not something that is going to go unremarked upon.

For men seeking a similar style of dress with a less publicly controversial result, a thoroughly controversey free piece of attire is a tank top. Tank tops are essentially unisex items and a man can enjoy the summer sun whilst wearing a tank top designed for a larger woman without anybody so much as blinking an eye. He can experience the thrill of wearing womens clothing in public and also hide in plain sight at the same time, like a spy.

If you insist upon a halter top, but still want it to be a little masculine, there are a wide array of leather halter tops available on the market. By wearing a leather halter top about the place you'll probably be construed as kinky rather than crossdressing. Society has less of an issue with kink than it does with crossdressing, so who knows, the results could be more positive.

At the end of the day however, the fashion revolution will take many forms, and all of them will start with men wearing whatever they want to wear. If a woman looks alright wearing a long sleeved shirt an a tie about the place, then men should feel just as comfortable in a skimpy halter top.

My only caveat here is that halter tops do tend to be items of clothing which are appropriate for certain body types and in certain situations. The trim, the toned and the young all pull off halter tops with ease, because these garments flatter their bodies. If your body type is not one that is flattered by the skimpiness of a halter top, you might want to avoid them and find other pretty garments that will make your body look good.


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