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Hot Jeans For Women Cute Butt Jeans

Updated on October 30, 2009

Cute Butt Jeans For Women

Every woman should have at least one pair of jeans in her closet. The best pair of jeans are ones that compliment your behind. Even if your behind is not so cute you can find jeans that make you have a cute butt. Some brands that do this are 7 For All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, Chip & Pepper, Denim by Victoria Beckham, Hudson, and True Religion and many others.

Having on a really hot pair ofcute butt jeans just makes the whole day more exciting. You feel better about yourself when you look good and wearing a great pair of jeans gives you that little boost of confidence that we sometimes need.

Finding Your Cute Butt Jeans

Know Your Style

Knowing which style of jeans fit your body best is important. Cute butt jeans should cup your behind kinda like a bra. If your jeans have a bunch of room back there they are not cute butt jeans. Tight jeans are not attractive either. Just because they look good on other people does not mean they look just as good on you. Once you get the fit that is right for you finding cute butt jeans is easy. One thing to remember no matter what style you wear is that the quality of the jean is important and darker washes are best. Here are some tips to finding the right style.

Skinny Jeans - This style is very popular right now but is not for everyone..This style emphasizes the hips and thigh area and are very small at the ankles. Women that have more junk in the junk and thigh area should stay away from the skinny jean. It makes your curves look bigger than they actually are. Short women should wear them with heels instead of flats. This style is a little harder to pull off but when done right it is super hot.

Boot Cut - Everyone can wear these and they go with pretty much everything. This style lightly skims the thigh area and has a slight flare in the legs. This balances proportion and makes your legs look longer. Boot cut jeans will also make women with boyish figures look a bit more curvy.

High rise - This style will give the appearance of a flatter stomach and are good for women who have a problem midsection area. This style will also help to even out your proportions if you have a shorter midsection. Make sure they fit comfortably. Not too tight and not to baggy.

Wide leg - Great for women who have more of a J Lo backside. Make sure there are not too many embellishments on the pockets though. The darker wash will give a slimming look. Cuffed bottoms will make you look shorter so petite women should avoid the cuffs on wide leg jeans.

Short inseam - This is best on shorter women since the focus is on creating length. Wear with heels to make your legs appear longer.

Long inseam - This is the perfect style for tall women They enhance the silhouette and fit comfortably. Also draws attention to the long legs that taller women have. Overall they are the best fit for the tall lanky gal.


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    • profile image

      Mahart 6 years ago

      I'm sorry but i don't think any of these jeans are very flattering. What do you have to do to find a really good pair of Hot Jeans that makes my butt look good. These seem to work best for

    • profile image

      penny 7 years ago

      yes does anyone now what brand the 1st picture is? love them

    • profile image

      Becca 7 years ago

      I think that American -Capitalism Jeans have some of the best fits and designs out they are definitely my favs

    • profile image

      M. LaRue 7 years ago

      Great article. For more on Butt exercises to fit them jeans visit .

    • profile image

      JJ 7 years ago

      What brand of jeans is in the top picture?

    • Kimberly Bunch profile image

      Kimberly Bunch 8 years ago from EAST WENATCHEE

      Great Stuff! Here's one for good measure:

    • goldentoad profile image

      goldentoad 9 years ago from Free and running....

      I had to check this one out!

    • Ashley Tyler profile image

      Ashley Tyler 9 years ago from Oklahoma

      Yes but once you do find that one pair it all just seems worth it to me. I can try on 100 pairs of jeans as long as at least 1 fits perfect :)

    • Candace Morgan profile image

      Candace Morgan 9 years ago from New York

      Loved jeans. Love True Relgion. Although you have to try on 10 pairs to get one to fit. Nice info!