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Hot Lingerie Trends: Textured Tights

Updated on October 13, 2009

Textured tights are so in right now! (This holds true whether you're reading that statement soon after this piece is published, or many years later after civilization has crumbled and humanity has been reduced to wearing tin armor and scurrying about in the ruins of the world's major cities, being periodically whipped by our evil overlord robot cockroach Masters. (Now how's THAT for evergreen content, and the use of parenthesis within parenthesis, huh?))

But back to the textured tights. Seriously, very hot, and very unique. Even though these have been on the market and the catwalks for quite some time now, most people are pretty slow adopters of the new tight technology, mostly because the majority of tights are worn to work by women, and the majority of workplaces prefer that their employees appear to already be robot minions already. (It'll make the crossover when the revolution comes less jarring, but again I digress.)

The point here is that we have A) Tights which are unique and hot and B) Which are not worn by many , providing the perfect opportunity to get a little provocative and original with your leg wear.

Doubt the awesomeness that is a pair of textured tights? Check out these specimens and be converted!

Ostrich Feather Crochet Tights

Check these babies out. With a funky, yet relatively restrained diamond and feather pattern, you may actually be able to get away with wearing these at work without attracting too much attention to your rebellious statement. (Of course, if you're a man, persecution is likely to occur even with the most tasteful of tights, its dashed unfair, but there you have it. Don't lose hear thought, its still possible to sneak them under your work pants and flash a defiant ankle now and then.)

Scudo Arrow Pattern Tights

Are you a wee bit on the racy side? Then perhaps these arrow pattern tights will be your speed. Personally I think these tights make the wearer looks more like they're been run over by a fleet of matchbox cars, but that should in no way detract from the perceived stylishness of these tights.

Floral Surprise

Now we're talking! Equally suited to the catwalk, the bar, or the amazon jungle, these tights are sure to make a bold statement about the wearer. Failure to fall in love with these tights is a strong indicator that the beholder has no soul.


Whilst many textured tights are indeed, the epitome of awesomeness, please do be careful when purchasing these items, as some designs will make you look more like you've escaped from a mental asylum wearing grandpa's jersey around your legs than a sexy beast rocking the fashion world with your bold style.

Case in point, the lissome blonde model wearing the tights below. Note how even her gorgeous modelness fails to completely assuage the hideousness of those tights on her legs.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago from Herts. U.K.

      Very interesting BUT tights ugh.....I much prefer stockings any day.


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