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Hot Plastic Lingerie (PVC Isn't Just For Gimp Masks And Water Pipes Anymore)

Updated on October 14, 2009

Sexy PVC Lingerie

Both images from
Both images from

PVC is a thermoplastic polymer that can transform an ordinary guy or gal into a legendary sex symbol in less time than in takes to polymerize vinyl chloride monomer.

Cheaper than leather, latex or rubber, PVC has become the go to polymer cluster for a wide range of people looking for durable clothing that is super shiny. When I think about it, I end up wondering why we don't all wear PVC in our every day wear. Imagine how much more interesting the workplace would be if half of it were tottering about in creaky skirts and the women were wearing PVC as well.

But seriously. PVC, like latex, has become a staple material in the fabrication of clothing for people who class themselves as being alternate. Goths often wear PVC clothing, and it's hard to go into a strip club this side of Albuquerque without running into at least one lady who could be used as a circuit breaker in an emergency.

PVC clothing has taken on a life of its own among people who enjoy the sensation of a smooth yet unyielding substance against their skin. Like latex and rubber, people who love PVC really love PVC, and it is the sort of thing which one can surround oneself with without rousing too much suspicion. After all PVC is quite literally everywhere, especially in wet areas.

After all, pictures of women wearing PVC raincoats might seem innocent enough to the mainstream, but for some, those are more titillating than an entire issue of Playboy.

Don't understand the attraction? Its much the same as those who love lingerie. There is the tactile element of the substance, and then there may also be other associations. Some who love PVC also enjoy the restrictive nature of the substance when applied tightly around the body. Some associate it with control, and the loss thereof. Humans love to play power games, in and out of the bedroom, and we love to use tools, thus it is no real surprise that enterprising people have come to choose PVC as their instrument of choice.

There's also the fact that PVC doesn't breathe like a fabric does. It protects from the water and the rain and it traps sweat and other fluids against the body when it is worn. For some this is hell, for others, this is an ultimate kind of heaven.

PVC, taken so for granted by many when it is formed into every day objects is a secret treasure trove, a playground of sensation for those who see its true value.


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    • 50 Caliber profile image

      50 Caliber 8 years ago from Arizona

      PVC is definitely the heat! Figuratively and realistically.

      So many styles and colors, many translucent. The material can go from silent to krinkly noisey like that of a trash bag. Wear some noisey panties shopping and you will feel like every one you pass, hears and instinctively knows you are wearing it.

      I purchase from an online store, that has any and every color and cut one could want.

      Try it, you'll love it.