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Hot color trends spring/summer 2011

Updated on May 22, 2011

When you want to look smoking hot this summer, it doesn’t hurt knowing what the biggest color trends spring/summer 2011 is. Everyone wants to look their best and in tune with the best look for the season. The colors for summer and spring in this year are bright, fun and full of a vivacity that is not easily found every time. The time for neutrals is gone and you can deck yourself in bright shades like turquoise a must have in every woman’s wardrobe this season. Look through your old wardrobe and save some of those bright corals, greens, violet and blue.

When you want your prom dress or your summer dress to grab everyone’s eye, the color to go for is turquoise. Color trends spring/summer 2011 is showing a cool forecast with this color dominating the hues. The right shade of this vibrant color will suit absolutely every complexion and you can be sure that you will look stunning in it. Even the M.A.C peacock edition bears witness to this with their shades. This color is so sublime it totally makes you feel like you are by the sea side. You can opt to dress retro like some of the stars did at the Cannes this year by pairing this vibrant blue with a charming tomato puree red.

Another shade you must have this season is coral. The coral shade to be seen in is a combination of pink and orange. Team it up with a violet top or use a large black belt with your maxi dresses to look stylish and hot. For every woman, beige and violet are an ideal pick as they complement the skin color perfectly. Mix and match the colors with some prints to look like a fashion diva this season.

A spectacularly bright shade along with these is aurora. It is close to shimmery yellow and having these sunny notes peeking from your wardrobe when you dress for spring/summer 2011 will set the temperatures soaring near you. Pick out some interesting jewelry in turquoise or amparo blue to match it with and you have a winner. The energy of Amparo blue will completely make you stand out and infuse a vibrant feel to your outfits. A dried herb green and a salmon champagne shade is also a great buy if you like them. Being rare colors, they are loved by people of both fair and dark complexions. So go ahead, get dressed to impress with color tends spring/summer 2011.


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